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Raquel Nader, Practitioner



A highly skilled nurse practitioner specializing in health care analytics, Nino Taricani has nearly two decades of experience in patient care, evaluations, and orthopedics. His ultimate objective at Liquivida is to help patients improve the quality of their lives.

Nino is passionate about performing detailed client assessments to determine the most beneficial treatments, ensuring they are backed by scientific evidence. As an advocate of regenerative therapies, he is proficient in PRP joint injections, supporting clients who suffer from chronic pain.

With years of experience, as an RN focused on men’s health, Nino is well-versed in Men’s Sexual Wellness. With excellent communication skills, he confidently and comfortably educates on sexual health issues, including erectile dysfunction, its causes, and therapeutic strategies for treatment, including shockwave therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments.

Nino believes that achieving total patient satisfaction involves a team approach. As a proponent of functional medicine, he seeks to help clients achieve optimal health through a collaborative effort between himself, his patients, and the entire Liquivida team.