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 Krista Paciotti - Practitioner - Liquivida®

Krista Paciotti, Practitioner

Florida - PA9118353


Krista Paciotti hails from the vibrant city of Medellin, Colombia. As a young woman passionate about health care and an unyielding commitment to helping others, Krista has dedicated her whole life to serving the community through her medical work.

Before pursuing her education as a Physician Assistant (PA), Krista gained valuable experience at Alliance Spine and Joint as a medical assistant. She demonstrated her dedication and skills during her time there, providing essential support to patients and healthcare professionals.
Before her Alliance Spine and Joint role, Krista contributed to healthcare as a scribe in primary care settings. Through meticulous documentation and attentive assistance, she played a crucial role in ensuring accurate records and efficient workflow.

Family is at the core of Krista's life, and she finds joy in spending time with her loved ones, including her furry companion. Whether it's enjoying the company of her mom and sister or playing with her dog, Krista cherishes these moments of connection.

When not performing her professional and familial duties, Krista enjoys looking for adventure in an otherwise civilized world. The rhythm of the waves at the beach gives her comfort while her love for lifting provides stability, and finally, just some pizza is enough to make life worth living!

Now, as a member of the Liquivida® team, Krista is eager to continue her journey of learning and growth. With a desire to expand her knowledge, contribute to her community, and make a meaningful impact, Krista is poised to become a valued asset to the Liquivida® family.