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Why Join a LOCAL Vitamin IV Wellness Spa for the Healthy

by Jake Muller on Feb 11, 2016 9:21:00 AM


If there’s one way to describe people living in South Florida, it’s by our obsession with health and fitness. Whether it’s by looking good or feeling good, we want to know that our health is in tip-top shape; always looking our best. People from all over the world flock here to take advantage of some of the best doctors and medical professionals in the country.

The only downside? The cost.

Getting medical attention in South Florida can cost a pretty penny. Florida was even ranked the 13th most expensive state for health insurance in the country. But how do you lower the price without lowering the quality of treatment? We all know good doctors don’t come cheap and the best health care comes at a high price. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Vitamin IV clinics or wellness spas are the latest advancement in the field of health care. You've probably seen them pop up around town. Artists like Rhianna, Flo-Ryder and even celebrity chefs are convinced that IV nutrient therapy works, giving them more energy and stronger immune systems to be more productive. 
  • Intravenous clinics like Liquivida Lounge were designed for people who want to stay healthy. Participating in a wellness spa can save you a fortune on medical bills over time. So what are the money-saving benefits of Vitamin or Nutrient IV Therapy? Read below. 


Save Money by not Having to Spend It on Medicine, Sick Time, and Higher Insurance Premiums

We’ve already talked about how Nutrient IV Therapy can boost your immune system during cold season but even though we live in warm and sunny South Florida, we’re still not completely immune to illness. Cold season affects us just the same as anywhere else. But those who want to prevent getting sick this season, or looking to make their symptoms easier to deal with, could find plenty to benefit from in Vitamin IV Therapy. As a form of preventative medicine, intravenous vitamin infusions work wonders.

When considering the cost, you have to look at everything. Consider, for instance, the cost of missing work, using your sick time, or flat-out having to miss work without pay. OUCH!

This is why we need to pay careful attention to our immune system. It has been discovered that B12 deficiency, for example, can lead to a weaker immune system. Those who lack B12 will find themselves rushing to their local pharmacy this season. B12 deficiency also affects elderly people who don’t find themselves getting enough of the vitamin in their diet, usually found in fortified cereals. But instead of having to eat a bland bowl of Cheerios everyday, an alternative solution is to get an infusion of the vitamins that will keep you active and productive. There are a hand full of Nutrient IV Therapy spas in Broward and Palm Beach now. Each will ensure you get the vitamins you need to keep you strong and healthy during cold season.

Besides a B12 complex, vitamin C, D, or other important vitamins, glutathione can also give your immune system the boost you need. When dealing with any kind of illness, it’s important to have a strong immune system fighting it so that you can get back to what’s really important. We’ve talked before about how this powerful antioxidant can help you with your immune system. Glutathione has helped treat plenty of illnesses ranging from sickle cell anemia to Parkinson’s, and has even been used as a supplement to treat cancer. A regular dose of glutathione can also be used to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. By checking out a local Vitamin IV Therapy spa in Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton, you can help save on costs. It’ll also help you save on the medical bills that come with staying in a hospital overnight or buying prescription medicine when you’re truly under the weather. Think of it like investing in your own health.

Vitamin IV Therapy is considered to be one of the best proactive medicine by doctors in Broward and Palm Beach. We all know how overworking ourselves can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. 

  • In today’s rat race, we find ourselves working more than we should, for more hours and less pay. All this work makes us money, but what is the real cost when it comes to our health?

We’ve mentioned before how nutrient IV therapy can help you be more productive at work. Getting vitamins intravenously you will ensure you get more pleasure from work than you ever imagined by simply not feeling like a drag. The fact is you’ll get more done without having to go grab coffee, after coffee, after coffee because of the natural energy your body will produce. Nutrient IV infusion will help you catch up on your work without feeling exhausted at the end of the day, saving you a ton when it comes to the health problems associated with work.

Besides helping you get more done at work, Vitamin IV Therapy will help you get more done outside of work as well. There are Vitamin IV therapy centers across America that give you more energy to be able to do any kind of exercise you choose. You won’t feel like hitting the couch after work, instead you’ll feel like wanting to hit the gym. Ultimately, this added energy will help you be healthier and spend less on medical bills in the future, due to boosted energy levels helping you push farther in your workouts.

But what about your skin? Can Vitamin IV Therapy help with that? The answer is yes.

Glutathione injections will help fix your damaged skin cells, making your skin look more vibrant. You’ll also avoid wrinkles and sun spots with regular doses. You won’t have to spend so much money on lotions and ointments to keep your skin looking beautiful. You’ll even find that Vitamin A, or retinol, will help decrease your acne and keep your skin from getting so oily. We all know that in South Florida, the heat makes us sweat causing clogs in our skin. We also know about how damaging the sun can be down here. It’s important to take care of our skin, because we live in the “Sunshine State” and we know what the sun can do. Instead of paying so much for a dermatologist, we can just find a Nutrient IV Therapy center in Broward or West Palm Beach that can make our skin look young again.

  • So why ultimately should you check out Vitamin IV Therapy?

    Because instead of having to spend so much on medical bills, medications, hospital stays, and anything else related to health problems, we can fund a much cheaper solution with Nutrient IV therapy to stay healthy in the first place.

In the end, it will make your health problems so much easier to deal with and so much less costly. The benefits will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses, so you can spend your money on what really matters. Your health is important. Make sure you take care of it the best way you can.

Looking for a vitamin IV therapy center? 

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This post was written by Jake Muller