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If Your Sex Organs Could Dance, Peptide Therapy Would Make Them Do the Salsa

by Dionne Ledgister on Jul 26, 2021 12:58:11 PM
Dionne's Sex Talk Cafe

We’re all adults here and I think we will all agree... EVERYONE loves sex! I know I think about it every 5 seconds. From entertainment to sports, to fashion (you name it), we are bashed over the head with images, innuendoes, everything in between and beyond.

Let’s face it, SEX sells!

With a little help and a splash of enhancement (pun intended) from this 7-chain amino called PT141, the experience can be mind blowing! My goal is to help you create a mental image of what the experience is like so you can try it yourself, and one day share the love of knowledge with the world.

I owe anyone who has ever asked me about sex peptide therapy a sincere apology. In my initial approach describing PT141 peptide, aka, bremelanotide, I may have been a bit too subtle and clinical. Possibly I was working on the assumption that you were already familiar with PT141, able to fill in the blanks and sexy it up a bit in your mind. However, I can understand why it may be difficult for most clients to imagine what it’s like without having experienced it personally.

That’s why I’m writing a detailed blog article. I am going to be specific and blunt about this amino acid, from personal experience as well as feedback from both my male and female clients. I want it to be sexy, alluring, captivating, titillating, informative and accurate in its portrayal.

So hold on tight my friends. This article is about to get hot and steamy. If at any point you feel the need to stop reading, take a breather...or a cold shower, perfectly understandable. I’ll be right here waiting when you get back. I want you to relax. We’ll take our time… move nice and slow. Don’t rush. Taste it, touch it. I want you to feel it… in your mind. Savor the information as we read through the article. Take it in and enjoy! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below and share your thoughts. If you’d like more action, similar to the one I’m about to describe, leave me a comment and we’ll connect about the PT141 benefits and the beauty of this effective mechanism that increases sexual pleasure, naturally.

Let’s get started!

PT141 sex peptide therapy for women

PT141 for women

PT141 is a sex peptide. For women, it makes us to want to have sex, hence the term "lordosis,” the state in which females arch their back downward in preparation, invitation and anticipation for mounting. We’ve all seen that one National Geographic episode where the female lioness in heat sashays her backside at the male lion as she walks by him. She lays on the ground and submissively, shamelessly offers up herself to him, arching her back while casting a coquettish, seductive, come hither sideways glance as if to say, “Come and get it big boy.” Can I get a “prrrrr” from the ladies? Down girl!

Ladies, PT141 makes us wet, dripping, as in, will definitely need to change the sheets kind of wet. It makes us sensitive to our partner's touch, intensifies and lengthens orgasm. The average orgasm is usually what? A few measly seconds at best. PT141 makes it feel like a minute or more… Let.. that.. sink in. For those of you who haven’t quite grasped the full meaning and effect of that statement, don’t worry. I’ll give you a minute to catch up, lol. It’s like that exercise your trainer will have you do on the treadmill where you run one minute, rest for 30 seconds and run another minute… Before too long you start asking yourself, was one minute always this bleeping long? It’s similar to that but instead of feeling like you’re dying, it’s more like OH MY GOD I’M DYING! A-N-D you’re OK with that.

The intensity, the relaxing and contracting of muscles during orgasm has at times left me wondering if I broke a rib. Other times, I’ve felt like my frontal lobe was going to explode and I was perfectly fine with that too. If that’s the way I was going to go, I couldn’t think of a better way. The accompanying raw, animalistic screams emitted from the depths of your very being, is a mixture of a wailing and sheer, unadulterated ecstasy. You’ll surely have your neighbors wondering, shaking their heads… or smiling… or joining. It’s a surreal, out of body experience, where a fraction of a second before willingly, completely releasing up your soul, it forcefully rushes back into your earthly body. Pillows, sheets, headboards have been scratched and clawed. Your partner’s back without a doubt is marked too.

I’ve had female clients report it makes their skin tingle. Every touch feels amazing; every kiss, every nibble, every bite, every stroke. PT141 makes the libido, the sensitivity and feeling of every nerve of pleasure is indeed outer worldly. You can buy PT141 calling (561) 486-9415 or book a consultation on sexual wellness here.

I recall the first time I used PT141 my boyfriend could do no wrong. I thought he was the best thing since the invention of the wheel. I batted my lashes and chased after him so much that by the third day he slapped my hand away when I reached for him. Yeah, I know! Who does that? I had reduced him to dispensing “dishwater”—nothing but bubbles and barely that. The well had run dry. He said he needed a break… for food… and water, you know, the stuff for basic survival and function (he did not know I'd taken PT141 and was using him as a guinea pig in my experiment).

Now that I think back on it, I probably should have had him hooked up to an IV. Afterall, I do work for an amazing IV company. I chased after him, drained him dry because all I wanted was to repeat the experience over and over and over again, as often as I could. Now, in my defense, this is a man who, when we first met, complained about how hard it had been for him to find a partner with a libido that matched his. Past relationships, during the dating stage, he was led to believe that they would be able to keep up with him (feel free to mentally insert smirking emoji here). Now he had a woman who not only kept up with him, but surpassed him! So all that talk was just talk? Tsk, tsk. Hmmm... 

PT141 sex peptide therapy for men

PT141 for men

With PT414 for men, the most frequent feedback I receive is "It's like having a morning wood in my teens and twenties." Other times simply, "OMG!" This client in particular just happened to call me while I was driving. All I could get out of him was “OMG! OMG! OMG! You were not kidding!” I feared for my safety and the safety of other drivers on the road with and within close proximity to me because I was laughing so hard I could not see.

PT141 makes the penis bigger, thicker, fuller, harder with longer lasting erections. The increased size, fullness and sensitivity is worthy of bragging. I've had guys report they get a hard-on in the barber chair or even grocery shopping. Sometimes it wakes them up! One of the side effects for men: spontaneous erections. I assure you this has never been reported as a complaint. They love it! A robust, engorged, throbbing erection is not only pleasing to the eye but thoroughly enjoyable to tease, please and play with.

Quite often I’m told the most impressive display is in the morning, as in the morning after. For instance, say date night is in the evening. You’ve prepped, prepared and administered. Had a banging (pun intended, again) evening. You’ve shagged the heck out of your partner and have your claw marks of honor to prove a job more than well done. It’s the following morning when your newly invigorated friend really has a showing. So guys, a little tip. If your partner normally takes off to the gym or whatever, early in the morning, may I suggest hiding their keys so they can’t leave or make a convincing argument for them to skip the gym altogether...go into work later than norm—and what a convincing argument your newly discovered power will be!

PT141 is great for solo use too, but definitely on another level altogether when used with a partner. That is why I often refer to PT141 as the "EXPERIENCE!" You have to experience it to "get it!" You can buy PT141 calling (561) 486-9415 or book a consultation on sexual wellness here.

The Science behind PT141

During my readings and discovery of PT141 injections, I uncovered how it supposedly came to be. PT141 or bremelanotide is derived from Melanotan II. Melanotan II was developed to assist with tanning; internal tanning (if you will) for individuals unable to be exposed to the sun, as well as other reasons. One study states that a scientist accidentally injected himself with twice the dose of Melanotan II and had an erection for 8 hours. Conclusion; Melanotan gives you a massive erection and lovely sun kissed skin! Another study states Melanotan was developed to aid with obesity. The study involved both men and women.

When the subjects showed no change in weight or reduction in appetite the study was deemed a failure. The remainder of the product was recalled. When the subjects declined/hesitated to return the unused portion, the researchers were confused and inquired as to why? Why would they want to continue using a product that had been concluded ineffective. The now obvious reason was explained by the test subjects leading to PT141 being selectively isolated from Melanotan II. The isolated part came to be known as PT141 (Bremelanotide), the part that makes men and women horny.

PT141 benefits

What is indisputable is that PT141 can be beneficial for both men and women, as show in this study published in Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry Journal. Women with hyposexuality and men with decreased sexual performance (ED) now have a safer, more natural option that has shown to improve/assist with improving sexual health. PT141 is not a vasodilator. It works on the nervous system (this study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences addresses that), and where does sex start for EVERYONE? In the brain. Stimulation in one head causes a response in the other head. That goes for women too because the clitoris is nothing more than the miniature version of a penis, as the penis can also be considered the enlarged version of a clit.

Keep an eye out for the next blog article where we introduce a peptide for weight loss! Weight loss is the next biggest topic, behind sex. They are interconnected. So many of you have asked me about weight loss. If you’re not fit you won’t be as physical, able to flip and slap your partner around like you should in the bedroom. Just sayin’...

Please note: Any grammatical error found within this article is purely the fault of the reader.


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