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Liquivida’s All-Star List of Peptide Therapy Practitioners

by Jenna Kopec on Sep 10, 2021 12:46:38 PM



Peptide therapy injections can make a world of difference to so many people on their health and wellness journey. But without the right care, treatment won’t be as effective. Peptide therapy practitioners need to be educated in functional medicine and understand the specificities of hormone therapy. We've curated a list of our "go-to" practitioners who are well-versed in peptide therapy and who you can trust to point you in the right direction. 

Getting started with peptide therapy begins with asking the right questions. 

What is peptide therapy?

Peptide therapy is similar to hormone therapy but is used for more specific outcomes. Different peptides can be injected into the skin to reach certain wellness goals. These injections are safe and may have fewer negative side effects than other similar forms of therapy. Currently, there are over 140 FDA-approved peptide medications that are used in MedSpas across the country. Although most peptide therapy is delivered through injections, you may also encounter some topical creams with varying degrees of use-cases. 

What can peptide injections be used for?

Because there are so many different forms of peptides, peptide therapy can be used to treat and prevent a variety of conditions. In fact, some people choose to use peptide therapy to improve overall wellness. On the other hand, some people use peptide injections for weight loss or anti-aging peptide injections. 

Peptide injections can be used to help with: 

  • Weight management  
  • Insomnia 
  • Skin-care
  • Libido 
  • Inflammation 

Of course, to know whether or not peptide injections will be effective for you, you should consult with a medical professional. A licensed professional can help identify where you may have certain deficiencies and then what specific peptides can help you reach your wellness goals.



What should I look for in a peptide treatment clinic in Florida?


Wherever you are looking for a peptide treatment clinic, you want to ensure that the medical professionals are qualified, trustworthy, and passionate about health and wellness. Doing your research about a MedSpa or treatment clinic should answer many of your questions right off the bat. If information about the facility’s peptide therapy practitioners is hard to find, that could be a red flag. 

Liquivida has information about their practitioners in all of their states centrally on their website. The details are readily available so you can familiarize yourself with the team before setting up a consultation. 


Meet Liquivida’s Peptide Therapy Practitioners 


Liquivida has a diverse team of professionals that oversee their medical spa services, including peptide therapy. You can learn about each member of this highly-esteemed team here: 

Dr. Jose Lara, State of Arizona: Dr. Lara has over 25 years of clinical experience and has won multiple awards and recognitions including Diplomate and Seminar staff members. 

Amanda Lewis PA-C, State of Florida: Amanda Lewis is a certified physician’s assistant and graduate of Barry University. Her previous work in the ICU and as a trauma paramedic has inspired her to help her patients thrive with preventative care. 

Dr. Craig Wiener, State of Florida: Dr. Wiener is serving his second term as the Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics at Hackensack Meridian Health at Pascack Valley in Westwood. He’s also the Chairman of Gynecology at Hudson Crossing, the most successful surgical center in the Northeast.

Dr. William D Nelson, State of Arizona: Dr. Nelson has 23 years of experience in regenerative medicine. In addition to his work restoring joint function and relieving chronic pain for patients, he is a world leader in the field of addiction recovery. His podcast is one of the most listened to on iTunes. 

Sandy Jean-Louis, PA-C, State of Florida:  Sandy Jean-Louis is a certified physician’s assistant with a specialization in internal medicine. She has historically worked with patients with complex, multi-systemic diseases and has since focused on helping patients optimize wellness via holistic, herbal, and modern medicine. 

Dr. Christopher Davis, State of Florida: Dr. Davis is a triple-board certified interventional cardiologist, the founder of the Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute, and the medical director at Hippocrates Health Institute. He is also the Chief Medical Officer of Liquivida. His passion for wellness culminates in a functional medical practice that utilizes biological testing to provide individualized prevention services. 

Dr. Kendrick Heywood, State of Florida: Dr. Heywood began his training at premier anti-aging clinics, shortly after finishing his residency. He now practices his passion for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and has a special interest in male performance and enhancement.

Dr. Charles Guglin, State of Connecticut: Dr. Guglin was a practicing General Surgeon for 28 years who started specializing in functional medicine in response to unsavory mainstream medical practices. He now teaches patients how to care for their bodies rather than just treat symptoms. 

How can I get started with peptide therapy?

Whether you’re looking for anti-aging peptide injections or you want to try peptide therapy for weight loss, you want to make sure you have a medical team that you can trust. An esteemed team like the one at Liquivida Lounge can make sure your treatment meets your specific needs. Set up a consultation to find out what the next steps might be.

Improve Your Wellness with Peptide Therapy!


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