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ExciteMy: Turning the Tide on Plastic Pollution with Aluminum Bottles

by Liquivida® on Jul 5, 2024 9:00:00 AM

ExciteMy - Turning the Tide on Plastic Pollution with Aluminum Bottles

In a world increasingly conscious of health and environmental impact, ExciteMy, the innovative supplement company, is making waves by introducing a game-changing approach to packaging that not only promotes personal well-being but also safeguards the planet. 

What sets this initiative apart is the company's commitment to donating proceeds from the sales of these aluminum bottles towards supporting ocean science and conservation efforts.

Eco-Friendly Aluminum Bottles

By choosing aluminum bottles over traditional plastic, ExciteMy is taking a bold step toward reducing plastic pollution in our oceans. These aluminum bottles, besides being a testament to their commitment to the environment, also serve as a fundraising tool for ocean conservation initiatives. A portion of the proceeds from every aluminum bottle sold goes towards supporting The Ocean Agency, an organization dedicated to accelerating ocean science and conservation. This partnership allows ExciteMy to contribute to raising awareness about critical issues, such as the preservation of coral reefs and the protection of marine life.

“The decision to use aluminum bottles is not just a marketing gimmick,” says ExciteMy CEO Gary Roller. “Plastic pollution, particularly in our oceans, has reached alarming levels, posing a severe threat to marine life and ecosystems. ExciteMy recognizes the urgency of addressing this issue and has taken a proactive stance by embracing eco-friendly and recyclable aluminum bottles.”

Liquivida®,  known for prioritizing consumer health, and offering holistic, preventative health and wellness services, supports Excite My's efforts and offers its adventure-inspired supplement line, including Fit, Libido, Calm x Focus, Immune, and Dream, at all of its locations.

A Sustainable Shift and Inspiring Industry Example

The aluminum bottles used by ExciteMy are not only recyclable but also reusable, reducing the overall environmental footprint associated with packaging. By choosing aluminum over plastic, ExciteMy is setting an example for the industry and inspiring consumers to be mindful of the choices they make for both personal well-being and the health of the planet.

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