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Why Boosting Metabolism Is Good For Your Health

by Jane Sandwood on Mar 26, 2018 10:47:11 AM

Why Boosting Metabolism Is Good For Your Health

As you get older, your muscle mass gradually decreases by 5-10 percent after you enter your thirties, according to U.S. News. Hence, maintaining weight can become more of a challenge as you age. A fast metabolism can get you burning calories quicker and making weight loss easier. It is noted that metabolic rate decreases after you hit your forties. As with other physical exercises, it is beneficial to adopt metabolism boosting practices to stay healthy. Keeping track of weight is not just a fad, it's a health concern that this article will help you understand better.

Low metabolic rates in aging bodies can lead to weight gain and more stress on the muscle joints to sustain the increasing weight with ailing bones. Science has made remarkable innovations in the field on health and beauty. With the ability to directly ingest metabolism boosting nutrients into the bloodstream, it has become even easier to stay healthy and keep a track of your health and fitness. While opting for anti aging treatments can be very effective, it is important to understand the health aspects of boosting metabolism.

The Importance of a Fast Metabolic Rate.

Our bodies thrive on energy. Hence, the food we eat massively effects our performance. If your diet is rich in high calorie foods, and your physical activity is limited, it is obvious there are high chances that you will start gaining more weight and feeling more lethargic. The measure of how the each body utilizes energy is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is different for each individual and is used by health professionals as well as weight loss consultants to tailor a diet and fitness program specifically for your body. The rate that the body burns calories is a leading factor in determining how fast you can achieve your targeted weight. There are numerous  screening tests available that can determine metabolic rates and how to best tailor your diet and supplements if needed.

How to Achieve a Fast Metabolism?

You can boost your metabolism through one of several ways. Metabolism boost relies on muscle mass. In general the higher the muscle mass, the more calories it can burn. Exercises like muscle building workouts can increase long term calorie  burning. However, resting fat is not very good at burning calories, as compared to muscles that burn about 25 percent more than the same amount of fat. Exercise and keeping fit is not the only factor in achieving a high metabolism, it is necessary to eat the right foods to ensure calories are metabolised are fast. This brings up the question of the types of food that aid in boosting metabolism. 

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In general, foods that have a high thermic value, the amount of calories taken to digest food, are good for metabolism. Protein has a very high thermic value, every 100 calories that the body burns to digest the food, proteins burn up to 30 calories. On the other hand fat has an extremely low thermic value of about 3 percent. While carbohydrates are not as bad as fats they have a variable thermic value between 5-10 percent. The amount of calories that the body burns every day through digestion amount to about 10 percent of the total calories burnt. Therefore increasing protein intake can have an impact on boosting metabolism. 

Another process that the body burns calories is through thermogenesis. This is achieved by creating heat inside the body, which in turn causes calorie burning. Our bodies maintain a core temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. If our bodies are exposed to colder environments, our bodies would require more energy to keep the temperature of the body at the standard 37 mark, hence burning more calories. Small steps like sleeping with windows open or turning the heating can contribute to some calorie burning.

IV Nutrient Therapy for Boosting Metabolism.

Fast paced day to day activities in modern age leads to stress which depletes nutrients from the body. While eating the right foods, and working out can have a profound effect on boosting metabolism, sometimes the body does not absorb the nutrients as fast as its needs. IV nutrient therapy works really well in this regard as the vitamins are injected directly into the bloodstream thereby, producing immediate results of wellness followed by weight loss.

Boosting metabolism is important to stay healthy and fit. While there are several ways to lose weight,  using IV therapy for vitamins can bring about the metabolism boost your body requires to stay fit, without having to go through rigorous exercises and severe dietary changes. In order to get the maximum benefit out of a program that boosts your metabolism it is helpful to determine the basal metabolic rate of your body in order to find the best way that works for your individual body requirements.

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