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When You Should Take Vitamin IV Drips

by Jake Muller on May 27, 2016 2:34:35 PM

If you've ever heard about vitamin IV drips before, you know there's plenty of positives. In fact, it's been mentioned before how they can improve your sex life, help you be more productive, and provide you with other important health benefits. What you might not have heard is that there are actually specific times to try nutrient IV therapy to help you live a more energetic life. We compiled some of the most ideal opportunities to try vitamin IV drips that can seriously assist you to be your best self at the best time.

Before and After a Business or Vacation Trip.


Planning on a trip? Liquivida vitamin drips can provide you with the B12, taurine, and electrolytes your body needs that will help you stay calm and energized as you deal with the hassle of airports, security check ins, and long, bumpy flights. These nutrients in particular can also help you avoid feeling exhausted after a day of travel. We all know that feeling when you've reached your destination and just want to fall into bed face-first. With these nutrients, you can avoid some of the jet lag and general tiredness you may feel. This is also why it is also ideal to get a vitamin drip afterward a long trip; so you can get back in the swing of things like you haven’t even left.

Take an IV Drip Whenever You're Feeling Under the Weather.

If you're someone who has a cold or the flu, Liquivida vitamin IV drips are perfect for you. You can get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals your body needs so that you can get on your feet again. None of us like to feel sick because not only do we feel lousy but we're missing out on so many important things in our lives. Sure, you can try eating vitamin-rich fruits and veggies or taking lots of supplements, but those dosages are low and slow. You can even try those over the counter medicines that make you feel drowsy and taste awful, but those aren't the best solution. By getting a high dose of vitamin C and other important nutrients intravenously, you'll start to feel better in no time so you can live your life instead of living in your bed.

If You're Prone to Illness, Get IV Fluids!

If you're looking to boost your immune system before cold and flu season, Liquivida provides a Natural Defense drip combination. This particular drip infuses your body with powerful antioxidants to avoid airborne illnesses, as well as, keeping you calm and energized so you're not more likely to catch something. Stress and fatigue can weaken your immune system and make you more likely to get sick. If you're looking to avoid all the ways you could fall prey to illness, it pays to get a monthly Liquivida IV fluids bag in your system. After all, it's easier and cheaper to get nutrient IV therapy than to deal with doctor's offices, insurance companies, and pharmacies.

Before and After a Big Athletic Event

If you're a competitive athlete, you want to win. And if you want to win you know you have to be at your peak. Vitamin IV drips can help you be reach that peak before an athletic event. Most athletes have a big meal the night before an event to make sure they have all the right nutrients in their body. IV therapy provides you with all those nutrients found in food, straight to your system, without all the salts, fats, and sugars that come with the food. Also most of those nutrients get broken down during the digestive process, so you're not even feeling the full effects. By getting IV therapy you'll feel the full benefits and you'll feel them right away.


If you're looking for something to aid your recovery after an event, vitamin IV therapy can help with that as well. After an athletic event, your body is usually depleted of all nutrients. By getting a vitamin IV drip after an athletic event, you can speed up your body's recovery time so that you can start training again. Many important nutrients in Liquivida's drips, like Taurine, actually aid in muscle recovery.  By minimizing your recovery time, you will increase your training time so that the next time you compete, you'll do even better because you had that extra time to start preparing. Because nothing feels better than having worked your hardest and come up victorious.  

Get IV Fluids Monthly if You’re Concerned
About Aging

If you're concerned about your body showing signs of aging then it pays to try vitamin IV therapy. With nutrients such as biotin or glutathione, you can slow down and even prevent visible signs of aging like hair loss, thinning hair, or even wrinkles. Monthly IV fluids therapy can help keep your youthful appearance way past your youth. We all want to look our best as long as we can. Getting old is unavoidable but if we can still keep our looks, then what's the big deal? You're only as old as you feel and if you look young than you'll definitely feel young too.

Feeling Extra Tired or Mentally Fatigued?

If you've been feeling extra tired lately it could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you've been working extra hours, maybe it's been a busy week, or maybe you're just not getting enough sleep. The point is it's starting to drag you down and you need a boost to handle it.  Liquivida Vitamin IV therapy will give you the boost you need without having to resort to caffeine, energy shots, or sugar. Most of those things end up giving you a crash and making you feel even more exhausted. If you want to feel a bit more energized to get out of your slump, try some vitamin IV therapy and you'll start to see the difference right away.

Use IV Fluids Therapy After a Hangover

If you're looking to get a rid of a hangover, Liquivida has a Rise and Shine drip that can help you rally. We've talked about it before but basically, this IV fluids cocktail will aid all your hangover symptoms quickly and easily so you don't have to spend half a day in recovery. They provide you with the hydration, vitamins, and electrolytes your body is aching for. You can enjoy a night out and not feel any of the bad side effects for very long. Live your life, don't spend it recovering.

Immediately, if You Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Do you feel fatigued, sluggish, prone to headaches, and overall not very good? If so you may have a vitamin deficiency and not even be aware of it. Luckily, Liquivida provides specific shots to whatever your body may need. We've talked about how you can be deficient in common vitamins like B12 of vitamin D. Sometimes we make the wrong diet decisions and end up causing more damage to our bodies than we think. But instead of having to eat a hostful of vitamin-rich fruits, you can get those essential nutrients directly into your body and start curbing the effects of vitamin deficiency as soon as possible. If you want an easy way to feel healthy quickly, go with a vitamin drip you'll wonder why you haven't done it before.

Try Vitamin IV Drips Before an Important Event or Gala

If you have an important event lined up you want to look your best. At these events there's always tons of people and tons of gossip. They say "dress to impress" but they never mention how you should approach actually making your physical complexion look impressive. Clothes are nice but we can change them. The best way to look your best isn't getting an expensive suit or dress it's with the right vitamin drip. Glutathione drips are ideal for helping you look more youthful because they can actually repair your damaged skin cells and give your skin a more youthful look. If you miss that glow you had when you were younger, then look to Glutathione, it will supply your body with the tools it needs to look its best. You'll have everyone talking and they'll definitely be mentioning how good you look.

It's Your Time to Shine,
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