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The Link Between Hydration and Healthy Sleep

by Jane Sandwood on Dec 10, 2018 10:00:00 AM

 The Link Between Hydration and Healthy Sleep Liquivida Lounge

The stakes for staying hydrated have never been higher; in fact, current research indicates that even a 1% reduction in hydration levels is associated with impaired cognition. Primarily, the link between sleep and cognition is exacerbated by poor hydration, because patients who experience sluggishness and brain fog throughout the day often struggle to unwind when it’s time for bed. To promote healthy sleeping habits, restore your body’s natural hydration levels and keep a consistent nighttime routine that emphasizes vitality.

Brain Fog and Dehydration

Jointly, dehydration and sleep disorders are the two leading causes of “brain fog,” or the sluggish loss of cognitive energy many of us feel throughout the day. Chronic dehydration is also widely associated with obstructive sleep apnea, especially if patients snore or have problems breathing through their nasal passages. Of course, regaining hydration isn’t always possible through drinking water alone: experts recommend vitamin IV therapy to offset an array of symptoms, including stress, brain fog, hangovers, and chemical detoxification.

Top Contributors For Poor Sleep

Apart from dehydration, the leading causes of poor sleep include stress, mood disorders, an inadequate mattress or bedding, loud noises and physical pain. Emerging research has also discovered that smartphones play a critical role in sleeping, as prolonged internet usage trains your brain to stay alert when it’s time to unwind. Along with cutting back on screen time, a wide range of options exists to promote a sound sleeping, both holistic and medicinal. Incorporating soothing essential oils and keeping a sleep diary are both recommended to boost healthy rest. Above all, develop a consistent nightly routine that trains your body to unwind and relax in the hours leading up to bed.

Hydrating For A Healthy Sleep Routine

The Link Between Hydration and Healthy Sleep Liquivida Lounge Florida

Begin structuring your nightly routine around staying hydrated. Dehydration dries out your mouth and sinuses, which prompts snoring and a dry throat in the morning. To hydrate properly, it’s important to drink water throughout the day and not just right before it’s time for bed. Of course, dehydration is also a top cause of bad-smelling breath, which is why drinking water before brushing your teeth can improve your oral health.

Ultimately, adequate sleep and water are two timeless, failsafe remedies to restoring your body’s boundless energy. Developing a nighttime ritual that revolves around relaxation and staying hydrated will enable you to stay more productive and focused while completing everyday tasks.

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