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How to Improve Your Performance Using IV Drips

by Jake Muller on Jul 1, 2016 1:14:39 PM


As an athlete, you know that in order to win, you have to be at your best. That means putting in overtime at the gym, keeping your body at peak physical form, watching what you eat, and pretty much doing all you can without overexerting yourself. You also need every advantage you can get; those few extra milliseconds, that last burst of energy, and that final moment of strength. One of the best ways to make sure that you have that advantage is through nutrient IV therapy.

Here is our selection of the best moments to take advantage of IV therapy within a regular fitness program.

IV drips as an alternative to pre-workout meals

If you want to make sure you get the most out of your workout or you're at the top of your game before a competition, Liquivida IV drips are the way to go. They can provide you with all the right amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes your body will need before being pushed to the limit.

Most athletes prefer to have a big meal the night before an event or several sports drinks. The problem with those is that you are not getting the full benefit of the nutrition your body will need because many of those essential vitamins and minerals are being broken down during the digestive process. You're also getting some additional fats and sugars that could potentially harm your body. When you get an IV drip, all those nutrients are going directly into your body without being broken down, meaning that you're getting the full benefits right away.

Obviously, IV drips are not meant to be a substitute for a meal, rather they are just a more efficient way to get the essential nutrients into your body, so that you're not stuffing yourself the night before. With an IV drip, you will feel the difference immediately and you will see a noticeable improvement in your performance as a result.

If you're serious about athletic competitions, you can read this in-depth piece with tips on what it takes to become an Olympic athlete.

Get an IV drip before a workout or competition to get more energy

If you're looking to be at peak form you also want to make sure you have a good storage of energy. Many times workouts are derailed by not having enough energy. The same is true of any athletic event. That extra bit of energy at the end of a race can make all the difference, that’s why it's so important to get enough sleep the night before a competition. But what happens when you get plenty of sleep and you still don't feel rested enough? It happens and can affect how well you perform. So what is your best solution? Vitamin IV therapy can help give you that extra dosage of natural energy your body needs.


When you're lethargic its usually due to a lack of nutrients in your system. A good vitamin IV drip will give your body the essential minerals and proteins it needs. For example, a drip with B12 will automatically start to lift your energy levels and make you feel like you slept like a baby. We've talked before about how B12 can give you that special boost, and it works especially well for those living an active lifestyle or one that involves sports. People who look for how to boost workouts can find a lot of help in IV drips.

Use IV therapy to keep yourself focused in every competition


One of the most important parts of being an athlete is being able to be mentally focused. You see it all the time; athletes on the sideline, pumping themselves up and going over their strategy. There's even been articles written about how athletes train their brains before they compete. It seems that being mentally sharp can be just as important as being physically trained. Luckily, nutrient IV drips can aid in unlocking your brain's full potential and keep you focused when you need it most.

Many nutrient drips can help your brain do what it does best at optimal levels. This is especially important when you're getting ready for a competition or tournament. You want to go over how you're going to play and be focused on winning, right? You don't want to be stressed out and too anxious to perform. You want to be at your best so that you know exactly how you're going to perform. This will give you the edge you need to win. Lots of athletes can spend hours preparing by working out, but the ones that win are the ones who know the right strategy and the right technique. Vitamin IV drips give you that mental advantage over your competitors.

An IV drip can help you recover faster

Any athlete will tell you that recovery after a workout is essential. Many articles and studies talk about how important it is for an athlete's wellbeing. Your body needs recovery time to begin training again, it's a fact. But what if you could speed up your body's recovery time? Well, nutrient IV drips provide your body with nutrients that do just that. Taurine is a prime example of a nutrient that can help your body recover. Most of the damage done after a workout is to your muscle tissue. One of Taurine's functions is helping to repair muscle tissue so that you're not waiting for your muscles to go back to full strength. You can start hitting the gym again and not have to wait so long for your body to catch up. The more time you have to workout, the better advantage you will have over the competition.


Another way nutrient drips can help you is by giving your body the vitamins and minerals it lost during your workout. During strenuous exercise, your body is using up all the vitamins and minerals stored. This is why you feel so exhausted, because you've exerted all your body's resources. By getting an IV drip, your body is going back to the way it was before your workout. If you want to be in shape like the pros, then you need to do what the pros do and that means recovering like they do as well.

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