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Natural Ways to Improve Your Workouts at the Gym

by Jake Muller on Sep 28, 2018 12:21:46 PM

Natural Ways to Improve Your Workouts at the Gym Liquivida

Exercising is an essential part of staying healthy. But sometimes working out can feel like, well, work. Sometimes you don’t always get the best workout. Going to the gym should be a fun and good experience, and you should always get the results you want. So how do you make sure you get the best workouts and make them a better experience? Well, we have some natural ways to do so.

Eat Whole Grains for Endurance at the Gym

If you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts it’s important to make sure you eat the right foods before hitting the gym. One kind of food which can assist you would be anything with slow-digesting carbs. These would be pastas or breads with whole grains. Oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and fruits can help as well. The reason these are good is that they give you more endurance and help you burn more fat than if you ate fast-digesting carbs like white bread.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Workouts at the Gym Liquivida 2

Say Yes to Salads and No to High Fats for Better Workouts

Remember in the old cartoons when Popeye would eat a can of spinach and gain massive strength? Well instead of eating a can, try just eating a salad with spinach and other complex greens a few hours before exercising. For one, the foods are good sources of iron to help you gain strength when lifting. They also give you energy and keep your blood circulating properly. You also want to avoid high fat foods because those can make you feel lethargic. They can also restrict blood flow to certain muscles as well. If you want a healthy workout, you gotta eat healthy as well.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Workouts at the Gym Liquivida 3

Protein, Creatine and Cocoa Extract Improve Your Visits to the Gym

If you’re really looking to increase your strength, you gotta go with some whey protein and creatine. These supplements are designed to increase how your muscle reacts to the strain and repetitive flexing. Sure you can train without these supplements but they will help speed up your strength building. One of the main reasons people stop going to the gym is because they don’t see results quick enough. With whey protein and creatine, you will get real results quicker. If you like to have a pre-workout protein shake, try putting some cocoa extract in there. It can help dilate your blood vessels to keep blood flowing properly and keep you from getting winded earlier. It can help post-workout too. Besides that it also gives it that great chocolatey taste.

Nutrient IV Drips, a Natural Way to Be Fit

If you’re looking for the right vitamins, minerals, and proteins and don’t want to but a bunch of expensive supplements, you should try getting an IV drip for athletic performance. It can eliminate toxins, give you a big boost of energy, and give you the strength you need to get the perfect workout. Liquivida IV drips are great because they bypass the digestive system and go directly into your bloodstream, so you feel the effects immediately. Also all these nutrients will help keep you from crashing at the end of your workout so you can continue on with your day. Liquivida Lounge has plenty of other IV drips that range from slowing down the effects of aging to boosting your immunity system. Check them out for your health needs.

Training Buddies and Music

If you’re one of those people that likes to workout alone, it may benefit it you to join a class or have someone to train with. Studies have shown that a little friendly competition can help motivate people to do more reps or increase the intensity of a workout. Classes especially can help because you have someone guiding you a motivating you to push yourself more than you would if by yourself.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Workouts at the Gym Liquivida 5

It’s also helpful to listen to higher intensity music like Hip Hop, EDM, or even Metal. Music can boost your adrenaline giving you more strength and endurance to push yourself farther in your workout. If you’re listening to slower music or a podcast, you may feel more tired or less energetic. It’s good to listen to something that gets your juices flowing.

Combine Aerobic and Anaerobic Routine

Some people like to do cardio one day and the next day lift weights. But it may actually benefit you to do both in one workout session. Studies have shown that if you combine both kinds of training, you will see faster results. A combination of both types of exercises allows the muscles to gain strength while not being overexerted and allowing you to boost your endurance. It also helps to do cardio after your lifting. It is more difficult to boost muscle strength after a rigorous cardio workout due to blood flow. Therefore, you should make sure to lift weights first and then go for a run.

Drink Protein Shakes and Stretch Afterwards

Natural Ways to Improve Your Workouts at the Gym Liquivida 4

If you’re looking to increase muscle mass after a workout, it definitely helps to drink a healthy protein shake after a workout. This allows the muscles to regain strength and really build up. They can help with muscle recovery. Also you should also stretch after a workout to boost your flexibility. This can help you avoid soreness and muscle pain as well as keep you nice and limber for your next workout. After a workout your muscles are still warm and easier to flex.

Sit in the Sauna or Hit the Hot Tub

Not only is it super relaxing after a workout but being exposed to heat can help build muscle mass as well. This is due to specific proteins in the body being released with higher temperatures. It’s also good for dilating your blood vessels to keep blood flowing smoothly throughout your body. Not only that, but the higher temperatures will help you sweat, which helps clean your liver and kidneys. This can prevent disease in those areas, especially for those who are trying to make a move away from alcohol and fatty foods. Hot tubs are also good for relaxing muscles and keeping your muscles from getting sore or from aches. Just make sure to stay hydrated so you don’t lose too much water.

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