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Why You’re Probably Dehydrated and You Don’t Even Know It

by Jake Muller on Jan 27, 2016 2:47:58 PM

Water is considered to be one of the building blocks of life. Every form of life on Earth relies on water in some way. As human beings we require about eight 8-ounce glasses each day to take proper care of our bodies. 

But to reiterate, taking proper care of our body means giving the body what it needs to function properly. This includes supporting your cognitive, digestive, cardio and muscular functions. Water is what makes all of this work for us behind the scenes. (To see how nutrient IV therapy can help strengthen your body's main operating systems, click here.)

It’s true; most of us are just not getting enough water to stay healthy and are suffering from some forms of dehydration. Most of us don’t even realize how much water we drink on a daily basis and many times we can’t even tell what the signs or symptoms of dehydration are. Luckily, we’re to help. We’ll show you not only how to know you’re dehydrated, but how to stay hydrated and keep your body healthy.

When headaches come knocking...
Consider how much water your drinking. 


You have a bad headache, and you feel tense

We all get headaches from time to time, but did you know that having a headache could be a sign of dehydration? Headaches are one of the most common signs of not having enough water to drink. In fact, when you’re dehydrated your brain tissue loses water and causes the brain to shrink, giving you the painful headache. Also, when you’re dehydrated your blood volume drops, preventing important nutrients from heading to the brain. All this happens as a result of not giving your body what it requires.

The solution:

Instead of having some ibuprofen, there are many solutions to get rid of your headache and give the body what it needs. Even if you drink all the water you have been missing, you will still have a headache for at least a couple more hours. If you want to get rid of it, the easiest, healthiest way is through vitamin IV therapy, which will fuel your body quickly and leave you feeling more hydrated and without that painful headache. You won’t have to take any pills that cause liver damage or any unwanted side affects. You’re just giving the body the natural tools it craves. The vitamin IV therapy cost is low compared to all the bottles of ibuprofen you buy throughout the year. It’ll also help you feel much better too.

Your urine is dark yellow, and you don't even notice it

Besides having a headache, one of the easiest ways to see if you’re dehydrated is by checking the color of your urine. Shockingly most people don't pay attention. But if your urine is a deep or dark yellow color, then you probably need to get some water. Urine should ideally be clear or close to clear. If your urine is frequently a darker yellow, you could also be damaging your bladder and kidneys. When urine is not diluted enough, it can cause waste to stay in the body, damaging organs and making you feel sick. Water is meant to clear the waste particles out so that none of them stay in the body. You need to have a proper balance of fluids in your body to keep it running properly. 

The solution:

If you find yourself in this situation, the best course of action is to actually pay attention to your body. Next, would be to get plenty of water and nutrients in your body as soon as you can. This will help clean out your kidneys and bladder while rehydrating your body. With a combination of nutrients and water, you’ll easily cleanse your body and recharge your endocrine system. Not only will your body be cleansed, but you’ll feel better as well.


You feel consistently tired and fatigued

Do you find yourself feeling more tired than usual? Feeling like a drag, perhaps?

You’re making sure to go to sleep at a reasonable hour with plenty of time, but you feel exhausted all day. Chances are you might be dehydrated and it’s causing problems with your energy level. When you’re not getting all the water you need, it makes your body have to work harder to run properly. All parts of the body are running on low fuel making it more difficult to perform essential functions. This causes that fatigue and tiredness that you are feeling and makes you feel like you need to rest. 

The solution:

You don’t need to take a power nap or reach for that unhealthy energy drink. We’ve talked about it before but getting your body the vitamins it needs, along with some much-needed H2O, will make you feel more awake and productive. You’ll find that you’ll be able to make up for any lost time with a super charge of the right nutrients in your system. All that water combined with the right minerals in your system will help you go from feeling exhausted to feeling exhilarated in no time. With easy vitamin therapy, you’ll find that you’re body is now supercharged. The only vitamin IV therapy side effects you’ll see are feelings of energy and focus. Your Monday morning will feel like Friday night with the right nutrients in your body.

You feel constipated

If you’ve been having difficulty going to the bathroom lately, there’s a good chance it might be due to not getting enough water in your system. When you lack the essential nutrients and fluids your body needs to digest, it absorbs the liquid from the food you eat. This makes your waste much more difficult to pass than normal.

The solution:

You don’t need to make that embarrassing trip to the pharmacy to purchase any laxatives. All you need is a proper influx of water and vitamins to help your body do its job. Vitamin IV therapy with the right amount of water will help your body go back to normal. Think of it like oil to a rusty machine; it’ll help all your parts get back to working order. If you’re considering the vitamin IV therapy pros and cons, you’ll see that they’re overwhelmingly pros and there’s nothing to worry about.


Your muscles are tight or cramping

Do you feel like your muscles are tighter than usual? Have you gotten a cramp even though it’s been days since you’ve been in the gym? You’re probably dehydrated and it’s causing your muscles to cramp up and tighten as a result. What happens is that the body takes any water in your body and sends what little of it left to the vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and brain. The leftover water is sent to your muscles. When your muscles don’t get the amount of water they need to work, they tend to contract and spasm, causing muscle cramps.

The solution:

Instead of spending more time stretching or having to see a massage therapist, give your body the right amount of water and vitamins it needs to keep your muscles from tightening up, the best way being vitamin IV therapy. When your body is flowing with water and the right amino acids, your muscles will rarely feel tight or sore. Your new motto will be “no pain, all gain” every time you go to the gym thanks to the vitamin IV therapy benefits.


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