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Why You’re Feeling Drained Halfway Through the Day

by Jake Muller on Apr 22, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Why Youre Feeling Drained Halfway Through The Day Liquivida

It’s the mid-afternoon, you start yawning, and look at the clock. You still have a few more hours of work but you feel so tired. If you could, you would just go home already or maybe just take a nap. This happens all the time across the county. It’s the post lunch slump aka the 2:30 feeling. You are drained of energy. But why does this happen and how can you fix it so you don’t get that feeling anymore? Well, there are lots of reasons that may surprise you.

To Stop Being Tired Start with Breakfast.

One of the main reasons for this sleepiness is your diet. Carb heavy diets are filled with sugar which, if not burned, cause us to crash. These would foods like bagels, donuts, cereals, and pastries. While the foods are very enjoyable, they are loaded with carbs. The solution is to replace simple carbs with complex carbs and making sure you get more vitamins in your diet. Carb and protein heavy breakfasts and lunches will leave you feeling lethargic. If you want energy throughout the day, avoid these types of meals.

Coffee Crashes Drain Your Energy.

Why Youre Feeling Drained Halfway Through The Day Liquivida Lounge

Do you find yourself drinking coffee all day and still feeling tired? Well, the way coffee works is that the caffeine helps stimulate our adrenal glands causing our heart to beat faster and you feel like you have more energy. However, once the caffeine leaves our body, it causes our body to crash due to the sudden lack of the caffeine. Our blood pressure lowers, our heartbeat slows down, and we feel tired. All the excess energy leaves us tired when its gone. That’s why you feel the coffee crash and have to get another cup. Coffee is also a diuretic that causes you to urinate frequently. Because of this, it removes lot of vitamins from your body that are giving you energy.

Feeling Tired? You Need Vitamin D.

There are a lot of people out there who do not get enough Vitamin D. About 41% of adults don’t get enough Vitamin D3. All it takes is just going out in the sun for an hour, but that can cause risks to your skin health.  Being vitamin D deficient can cause fatigue and tiredness as well as your immune system being weaker, depression, bone loss, and hair loss. It be a major cause of your afternoon tiredness. One solution is to get a D3 shot. That will help you stop being tired and you can even get it during your lunch break, so that the next few hours fly by.

Benefits of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is also very common, especially amongst the elderly. B12 deficiency causes you feel fatigued and weak, it can also cause pale skin, mood swings, dizziness, depression, and muscle aches. You can get B12 from food like beef, chicken, liver, fish, and eggs. If you try to avoid meat you can also get it from some fortified cereals. However, the easiest way to get it is with a direct shot. That way it goes directly into your bloodstream and you feel the effects right away. When we consume vitamins orally it gets absorbed in our stomach and it takes longer to feel the effects. You also don’t feel the effects as strongly because of this.

Vitamin C Boosts Your Energy Levels and Immune System.

Vitamin C deficiency is less common but it’s first symptoms are fatigue and weakness. You may also have dry bumpy skin, poor immune system, weak bones. You can obtain it from oranges, apples, broccoli, cherries, and other produce.

Why You are Feeling Drained Halfway Through The Day Liquivida

Making sure you have enough vitamin C is very important to maintain your body’s essential functions. Without vitamin C we would not be able to function properly and our health could be compromised. This is why so many people drink orange juice during a cold, however orange juice is full of sugar. It can cause a crash. The best solution is to get a high-dose vitamin C infusion so you feel the effects immediately.

Stop Feeling Tired by Getting More Sleep.

If you are vitamin deficient, you could also not be getting an ample night's sleep. Vitamin D3 is important for maintaining our circadian rhythms. This could also be causing you to feel sleepy during the day. It’s important to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night and make sure you have a comfortable mattress and blanket. Make sure you are also in a room that is completely dark and quiet and is cool or warm enough to sleep in. Sleep is a big reason we are so tired during the day and most people neglect it. Make sure you get enough sleep if you want to have a more productive and healthier work life.

Exercise More and Your Body Will Thank You.

Why You are Feeling Drained Halfway Through The Day Liquivida Lounge

Another reason you may be tired during the day is because you may not be getting enough exercise. Exercise is actually helpful for boosting your energy levels throughout the day. Some people like to squeeze in a workout during their lunch break to give them an energy boost for the rest of the day. A mixture of cardio and weights can really help you get through that post lunch slump because it allows your body to digest the food quicker and let you feel the effects. Combining workouts with vitamin injections can help you reach your full potential when it comes to energy and productivity. It’s good to do both for the best results.

How to Keep Your Energy Levels Up?

If you really want to take charge of your day, make sure you eat a breakfast without too much carbs and sweets, avoid drinking too much coffee so you don’t get that coffee crash, and get more vitamins with vitamin shots. It also helps to make sure you are getting plenty of good sleep and a good workout, at least 45 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Work doesn’t have to take so much work so make sure you book time to nurture yourself with these tips and you’ll notice a difference within a couple of weeks.

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