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A Better You

Tricks for treating yourself this Halloween

by Jake Muller on Oct 25, 2017 5:05:52 PM

Tricks for treating yourself this Halloween at Liquivida Lounge.jpg

BOO! Did I scare you? Well, it's almost Halloween! You know what else is scary? Not having confidence in your appearance at this year's festivities. Everybody wants to look good and have a cool costume to impress their friends. Costumes can only cover you so much. What about after the parties are done? Well, we at Liquivida Lounge have some healthy tips to help you look, feel, and be your best this Halloween. After all, when someone comments on how scary you look, you want it to be about your costume, not your actual appearance.

Take HCG Injections to Help You Be as Slim as a Skeleton

Having trouble fitting into your costume this year? Have you been going to the gym almost religiously but having trouble with certain areas? Well if you want something that can help, HCG Injections are where it's at, and this treat is not a trick. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that targets fat on your body and when combined with a low-calorie diet can help you slide into that skeleton costume without issue. We've talked about it before, but basically it will aid in fat loss without targeting muscles, while also boosting your metabolism and giving you more energy.

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Everyone is looking to have fun and celebrate the night, so why not get a bit more energy to dance while also losing weight? You can also enjoy your favorite Halloween candy when you start the diet, because you need to eat a high-calorie diet before starting. It'll be easy to scare your friends because they won´t be able to recognize you after losing all the weight!

Use PRP Therapy to Help You Look Scary Good

When you picture the Bride of Frankenstein, what's one of the first things that comes to mind? It's that crazy hair, right? Well, if you're not feeling too confident about your hair, and want to get the look for your costume right, without having to get a wig, Liquivida Lounge offers PRP therapy.

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP, is a medical breakthrough that helps your hair grow longer and healthier, giving you a youthful appearance with one of the most powerful and natural creations: a sample of your blood. Don't worry, there's no vampires sucking your blood and giving you eternal life. Although it will help you look younger which much fuller hair. Nobody wants to see a bald Dracula at the party! You wanna look as dashing and dapper as the count himself. We've mentioned it before, but basically you'll grow a healthier amount of hair without any strange side effects. You don't have to be scared that your hair will start to look like the wolfman's!

Rise and Shine, the Trick to Help You Rise from the Dead

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We all know the feeling of the morning after a good Halloween party. You feel like a zombie even though you're not in costume anymore! You're stumbling, slurring your words, bright light scares you, and you crave brains. OK, maybe not that last part, but you get the idea.

Hangovers can be a real killer, but fortunately, Liquivida Lounge has a nutrient IV drip that will help you destroy your demons. This vitamin drip offers nutrients to rehydrate your body, detoxify it, and give you an energy boost to be able to walk amongst the living. We've talked about this hangover fix, and mentioned how exactly it works. You will get nutrients to refocus your zombie brain, give your stiff muscles some relief, and get you up and active again.

Nobody wants to spend the entire next day in darkness inside their coffin. If you get the right nutrients in your system, you can successfully prevent an attack from the hangover monster.

Get a Fountain of Youth IV Drip to Live Like a Vampire

What's one of the main appeals of being a vampire? They get to be young forever! Don't you wish you can look young forever and be a sexy vampire this Halloween? Well Liquivida Lounge has an answer for you and it doesn't involve drinking blood. We recently posted an article about how you can slow down aging with the Fountain of Youth drip. The nutrient IV drip gives you the right combination of vitamins and minerals to keep your hair, skin, and nails looking vibrant and healthy. Things like crow eyes, liver spots, and thin hair are all aging signs that you can eliminate with this nutrient drip.

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Nobody wants to look as old and musty as the mummy, or as stiff and awkward as Frankenstein's monster. You want to look like Dracula and his brides, young and vibrant. So why not try this drip, it may not give you eternal life, but it'll keep you looking your vampire best.

This Halloween, Treat Yourself!

Halloween can be a fun time, as long as you take it easy on all the candy and drinks available at parties. But if you think you need to detox afterwards, Liquivida also has plenty of vitamin shots and IV therapy options to help you remove those harmful toxins from your body and get back to getting into good health. You can also find options to lighten your skin tone if you’re looking to have a more ghastly and pale appearance, and even get some quick energy boosters to help you live it up at your Halloween party and howl at the moon.

Halloween only comes once a year, why not make this about treating yourself?

Don't Be Frightened,
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