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Top Nutrients to Achieve Natural Beauty

by Jake Muller on Feb 3, 2017 10:15:29 AM


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They say that beauty cannot be judged objectively and that real beauty comes from within. I, for one, cannot argue against those statements. But what I can say is that it's important to look our best, however we may choose to define it. One of the easiest and healthiest ways to do so, is by finding the right vitamins and minerals to help you achieve your own natural beauty. Luckily, we have a list of the top nutrients to help you do so.

How Does Calcium Make you More Beautiful?

When you think of calcium, you think of milk and healthy bones. Calcium is very important for healthy skin, nails, and hair as well. Calcium in your body helps to regulate healthy blood flow to all parts of your body, making sure your skin cells are healthy and youthful. It also makes sure your nails and hair are growing properly as a result and keeps those nails firm and not brittle.

Calcium also has strong detoxifying properties. It also makes an important addition to almost any type of skin care formulation you will see on the market. You can even try adding it to bath products, like bombs, salts, or powders to create spa-like detox baths. Calcium helps your bones keep their strength, leading to less stress on your body. This nutrient can also help your appearance as it keeps your muscles looking strong and firm.

Achieve Natural Beauty with Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C can help with combating a cold and that it's vital for nutrition, but did you know that it also helps protect your skin? It's true: vitamin C works to regulate the synthesis of collagen, an important protein for skin. This means that it can help repair damage caused by UV rays from the sun, thus preventing wrinkles. If collagen is being damaged by the sun, it stops forming new skin cells, thus causing you to look older and more wrinkly.


A healthy dose of vitamin C can also help collagen continue to do it's job and keep your skin looking young and healthy. Vitamin C can even be used as a topical cream to apply directly to your face. You have to take care of your skin to keep your natural beauty, because the elements can cause it damage.

Protect your Skin with Vitamin B12

If you're looking to have a natural shine in your hair or an alluring glow in your skin, you don’t have to look for expensive products to achieve it. All you need is a little more B12. Vitamin B12 is known to aid in hair growth and keep your hormones balanced. If B12 levels are off it can lead to some minor balding or excessive hair loss in different parts of the body.

Regular doses of vitamin B12 can also help your skin in many ways. For one, it can assist by eliminating unhealthy skin conditions such as eczema and protect your skin from harmful drying. Additionally, it can help to keep your skin tone balanced. B12 is truly one of the best ways to go for naturally beautiful skin and hair. Want to learn more benefits of vitamin B12? read this blog article.

Give your Skin a New Glow with Glutathione

Another great nutrient that can help you achieve your natural beauty is glutathione, a naturally occurring antioxidant in the body that has a plethora of benefits when it comes to your skin. glutathione is actually great for giving your skin a lighter, clearer tone. It works by limiting the amount of melanin developing, therefore giving your skin back its natural color. It can also work to give your skin a clearer complexion.

In sunny South Florida, we all like to spend time out in the sun, working on our tans, or just hanging by a pool or beach. The only problem is that it often comes at a cost to our skin. What's great about glutathione is that it helps to keep you free from sun spots, freckles, and other discolorations on the outer layer of your skin.

Use Magnesium to Preserve your Beautiful Skin

Magnesium is a mineral with a ton of uses and has a host of health benefits as well. In addition to helping with blood flow, which will make sure to keep all your cells healthy, magnesium oil can be used on the skin to help keep your skin clear of any inflammation. One of magnesium's properties is to break apart fats and oil, which often are stored on the epidermis. So if you're someone who breaks out easily, magnesium can be of great benefit to you.


Magnesium has been to known to also aid in sleep. Sleep can be very important in natural beauty, as it reduces stress and keeps your body looking healthy. Stress can be very damaging for your body and can affect your appearance. Therefore its important to make sure you have enough magnesium in your body so that you are getting more rest.

Get Beautiful Skin Today!

If you're looking to achieve your natural beauty the best way to do it is with the best nutrients, and the best way to get the best nutrients is through nutrient IV therapy. Nutrient IV therapy gets nutrients directly into your system better than consuming them via vitamin pills or consuming them in food.

When you consume vitamins in food, your body absorbs only a small percentage of the actual vitamins. The same thing occurs when you consume them in pill form. With nutrient IV therapy, you get 100% of the vitamins in your system so you feel the full benefits. It's a safe and natural way to power your body into performing the way it should If you're serious about looking your best and grabbing a hold of your natural beauty.

Watch this video to learn the basics of nutrient IV therapy. 

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