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The Best Nutrients to Increase Athletic Performance

by Jake Muller on Aug 30, 2017 6:02:18 PM

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Another day, another gym routine. You lift some weights, use some of the machines, but you feel tired and exhausted. You stare at the gym rats working their tail off and sweating up a storm, and you think to yourself, "how do they have so much energy?" Well, it's a simple answer: nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, proteins are all the key to boosting your gym routine. They provide your body with the tools they need to keep your stamina and energy levels up. If you’re bored of getting tired at the gym, then maybe it's time to check out what nutrients and micronutrients can help you increase your athletic performance.

Beat the Competition with Vitamin B12

You've likely heard of B12 before and we've previously mentioned it's benefits, but basically the way that B12 works is by helping the body convert food into glucose, which your body then transforms into energy.

If you've been feeling tired and sluggish lately, it may be to lack of B12 in your body. You know that feeling at the gym when you want to go longer but you just can't because you're too tired? Well with plenty of B12 in your system, you'll have more energy to last longer and get the most out of your workout.

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Vitamin B12 also protects against heart disease by curbing and improving unhealthy cholesterol levels, protecting against stroke, and high blood pressure. B12 can therefore give improve your heart's strength so that you can take your fitness goals to the next level.

Use vitamin E to Feel Energized Before and During Your Workouts

Vitamin E is one of the most essential vitamins to boost your energy. Vitamin E helps in the digestion and metabolism of certain fats into the body. This helps promote the growth and development of muscle tissue, which increases the energy levels in the body.

Vitamin E also removes free radicals from your body and gives your immunity system a boost. With free radicals gone from your system, you'll feel like you already have more energy before even stepping inside the gym. Free radicals can also cause damage to your muscles and prolong muscle recovery and repair. So, if you want to be able to bounce back from a tough workout, try some Vitamin E and you'll see a noticeable difference.

Vitamin D for Defense

When you hear about Vitamin D, you usually think about milk right? While it may be important for nutrition, Vitamin D can also keep your body strong and help you stay fit by healing your muscle aches and pains.

During strenuous exercise, the body rids itself of many different nutrients, thus making you feel somewhat vitamin deficient. One of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency is muscle pain and aches. With Vitamin D you're helping your body recuperate from a tough workout and repair sore and weak muscles. This way, you'll be able to recover quicker and get back to being fit. So if you're looking for a good way to defend your body from the rigors of a difficult workout, go with Vitamin D and you'll be bouncing back in no time.

Vitamin C Helps You Increase Your Athletic Performance

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Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) has been known to be a great vitamin for helping you recover. During workouts Cortisol is often released. Cortisol is one of the “stress chemicals” secreted by the adrenal glands. Its main job is to manage your glucose and store the excess in the liver for later use. Despite its positive functions, cortisol can be damaging if levels stay elevated too long. Vitamin C can help lower cortisol after the workout, and prevent it from damaging your muscles.

Vitamin C also helps in protein metabolism. It not only provides our body with certain necessary proteins but also blocks the synthesis of vital proteins that cause infection and inflammation. It is also believed that vitamin C usage may support efforts to prevent heart disease, stroke, and cancer later in life.

Get Glutathione to Gain Endurance

We’ve talked about it before, but Glutathione is a great nutrient for workouts. Glutathione is an antioxidant that provides numerous benefits when it comes to the gym. Glutathione helps with detoxifying the body by protecting the cells from free radicals that can affect your blood flow and reduce energy in your body.

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It has also been known to increase strength and endurance, making you last longer during a workout. Hard workouts can deplete glutathione levels. That’s why if you're looking to improve your performance as an athlete, you can benefit especially from glutathione. It will help you bounce back quicker and help you gain more strength so that you can improve your workouts.

Get Arginine for Athletic Activity

Arginine is an amino acid helps increase circulation with ease. You will also be able to last longer at the gym due to the influx of nitric oxide that is a by-product of arginine. Arginine has also been known to reduce body fat, improve male fertility, and improve vascular function. It’s like a natural boost for your body.

This nutrient is especially popular with people who want to increase muscle mass. Some arginine before or after workout will increase muscle growth. Arginine also can help with stamina by increasing oxygen flow to muscles. If you're someone who wants to spend more time at the gym, try some arginine to help your endurance.

What’s the Best Way to Increase Your Athletic Performance?

If you're really serious about improving your workout, then you need to get the right nutrients into your body. You can go to the pharmacy and spend more money than you need to on buying a bunch of different bottles of supplements or you can try nutrient IV therapy which gets all the vitamins and minerals into your body directly so you can feel the full effects.

Liquivida Lounge has an IV drip called the Performance Hydration that can improve your stamina and energy, strengthen your muscles, and help you recover quicker. Workouts can be tough but if you want to get results, it's important to make sure you are getting the right nutrient hydration into your body. This way you can spend longer time at the gym and get the results you need to crush the competition.

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