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A Better You

Natural and Positive Tools in Overcoming Addiction

by Cassidy Webb on Jan 24, 2019 12:47:39 PM

 Natural and Positive Tools in Overcoming Addiction Liquivida Lounge

A person who has struggled with drug addiction may neglect their physical and mental well being because the obsession to take drugs can be so overpowering that nothing else seems to matter. Once an addict chooses to get sober and recover from addiction, implementing natural and positive tools into their day to day life is essential in maintaining long term sobriety.

Yoga and Meditation to Recover from Addiction

Yoga and meditation can help the body heal both mentally and physically after the damage done by drug abuse. Yoga allows one to focus on the energy in the body, build muscle strength, relax the mind, and so much more.

Stretching out your muscles can help a lot with physical withdrawals that are experienced when initially getting sober. Withdrawals can cause stiff, sore muscles, but yoga can help provide relief from that pain. It is also difficult to focus on the desire to get high while one is concentrating on holding a pose, which can help ease the mind from obsessive thoughts.

Yoga instructors usually conclude the session with a guided meditation. Once the body feels more relaxed physically, it can be calming to wind down by practicing mindfulness. Through mindful meditation, one becomes more aware of what is happening around them and what they are doing at that very moment by focusing on taking full, deep breaths. Mindfulness is a useful tool in allowing the mind to relax rather than it be overwhelmed by the multitude of changes happening in life.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Natural and Positive Tools in Overcoming Addiction Liquivida Lounge IV drips

Many people who struggle with addiction also suffer from co-occuring mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. After an addict gets sober, the symptoms of mental illness may still present themselves in various ways. There are several nutrients and vitamins that help with symptoms of mood disorders that may linger during recovery. For example, Omega 3 and thiamine are suggested to help treat anxiety and depression by positively affecting neurotransmitters in the brain. For those who suffer from addiction, drugs act on the brain as a reward by increasing levels of serotonin which results in feelings of happiness and euphoria. A person in recovery may begin to crave sweet, sugary foods because they release serotonin and dopamine just like drugs do. However, vitamin D is a healthy alternative to sweets, because it increases levels of serotonin in the brain.

It is no secret that when you eat good, you feel good. It is important to eat a breakfast filled with nutrients, fiber, and whole-grain carbohydrates in order to provide the energy needed to start the day. Without a balanced breakfast, one may experience feelings of fatigue which can trigger negative emotions and mood swings. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet aids in treating mental health and preventing a relapse. And if you want to take it a step further you should try this nutrient IV drip to give your mind and body all the nutrients they need, delivered directly to your bloodstream.

Stay Fit to Feel More Positive

Feelings of fatigue and depression may stop a person from obtaining the physical exercise needed in a healthy lifestyle. High intensity exercises may seem intimidating at first, so it is important to start slow and move your way into more challenging exercises. Some ideas for low-impact exercise include taking a walk, hiking, swimming, or biking.

Natural and Positive Tools in Overcoming Addiction Liquivida Lounge IV

A person’s body goes through a lot of changes when in recovery that can be stressful to the mind and body. Exercise relieves both physical and psychological stress. The release of endorphins that occurs while working out may cause feelings of euphoria or a “high” which can help to prevent cravings for drugs or alcohol.

The Better Health Channel reports many positive links between exercise and mood such as increase in energy levels, increase in confidence, healthier sleeping patterns, and decreased levels of stress. In order to maximize the benefits of physical exercise, it is suggested to exercise outdoors so you can spend time in the fresh air and sunshine, allowing your body to absorb vitamin D from the natural sunlight. And if you're looking to get results faster you can use the performance hydration IV drip to boost your body's stamina.

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This post was written by Cassidy Webb

Cassidy Webb is an avid writer from South Florida. She works for a digital marketing company that advocates spreading awareness on the disease of addiction. Her passion in life is to help others by sharing her experience, strength, and hope.