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Liquivida IV Lounges Team Up to Protect Firefighter Paramedics via Immune Boost, using High-Dose Vitamin C Drips

by Liquivida® on Mar 23, 2020 12:14:37 PM

Due to the unprecedented changes caused by the pandemic, health and wellness company Liquivida Lounge is offering 100 Natural Defense IV kits containing a high dose Vitamin C to Firefighter Paramedics across Broward, Miami and Palm Beach at absolutelty no cost

“If you want to avoid feeling under the weather and fight against flu-like symptoms, this high dose of vitamin C and other nutrients will boost the immune system, so you can bounce back quickly,” says Samael Tejada, founder and president of Liquivida Lounge, who is a retired firefighter paramedic for the Oakland Park fire department. 

This donation is available effective Friday, March 20th to Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. This offer has a $17,500 retail value and by calling a dedicated hotline 1(866) 806-6813 to book your appointment. Copy of a valid work ID is required and a complimentary consultation will be given to firefighter paramedics by qualified, medical professionals.

While many first responders work overtime to protect our communities, their immune systems are put at risk through their interactions with patients who may have been exposed to the disease. Liquivida will issue IV kits with high-doses of Vitamin C in an attempt to decrease the chance of infection. Vitamin C has proven to be effective in fighting viral flu-like illnesses and symptoms. 

Currently, several clinical trials are using Vitamin C to determine how to best use this antioxidant against flu-like illnesses. Early indicators suggest best practice is to deliver Vitamin C directly to the bloodstream. In addition, when combined with Vitamin D, absorption methods have shown clinical benefits in the prevention and treatment of flu-like illnesses.  

Additionally,  some studies show that Vitamin C deficiency can increase the risk and severity of flu-like infections. For that reason, a blood test to identify vitamin deficiencies is encouraged and a consultation is required before treatment is administered.

These IVs are a $17,500 retail value that Liquivida is allocating toward the health and safety of our first responders. This service will be available at all of Liquvida’s integrative sites (sites shared with community-partners) as well as at Liquivida Lounges, full-service medical spas. 

“When you’re a firefighter, you’re constantly on the frontlines, facing difficult scenarios that can take a toll on the body. While many of us are at home practicing social distancing and the recommendations made by the CDC, our first responders are the ones out there helping people who unfortunately have gotten sick,” said Tejada. “They’re putting their health at risk in order to support our communities. It’s the least we can do to help protect them.”

Once all 100 IV kits have been exhausted, we will provide FREE vitamin B12 shots to active firefighter paramedics. For more information, please contact your nearest Liquivida Lounge in Miami, Broward, or Palm Beach county or go to liquividalounge.com/firefighter for more information.  

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