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A Better You

How to Take Care of Your Body this Thanksgiving

by Jake Muller on Nov 26, 2019 5:57:12 PM

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I don’t know about you but even though I love Thanksgiving dinner, the idea of it is already making me feel lethargic and sluggish. The turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, casserole, it’s all so delicious but so very filling. I don’t want another Thanksgiving where my body feels terrible afterwards and I have to detox as soon as possible. This year I want to have a healthier Thanksgiving and I found some great ways to accomplish my goal. Read on if you also want to take care of your body this holiday.

Nutrient IV Therapy Provides Essential Vitamins and Minerals.

One of the best ways to keep my metabolism up and make sure my body is healthy is by making sure I get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Now Thanksgiving meals have plenty of those but they also have things like salt, fats, sugar, carbs that I don’t really need. To make sure I feel good after eating Thanksgiving dinner I plan on getting Liquivida Lounge’s LiquiLift. The Liquilift is one of the many vitamin drip therapies Liquivida provides.

This one, however, is loaded with everything you need to feel healthier. It has all the essential nutrients to help your body be at its best and it’s also great for detoxing your body and boosting liver function. It also really helps with blood flow and making sure your blood pressure doesn’t get too high. I plan on getting this the morning after Thanksgiving but it also helps to get it beforehand as well.

Eat a Healthier Meal.

Personally, I love Thanksgiving dinner and I always want to try a bit of everything. Then I always get seconds with things like stuffing, mac and cheese, and more dark meat. Of course, as soon as I’m done, I feel so full, not just of food but of regret as well. This year I have a plan in place. What I’m going to do is get a small plate, then I’m going to start out with small portions of the foods I love, which tend to be heavier. If I’m still hungry afterwards, then I will fill up on veggies, salad, and maybe white meat. That way my meal is more balanced.

thanksgiving liquivida lounge

I’m also going to eat slower so my brain has time to process the food. I usually eat too much because I eat so fast and still feel hungry.
If I do get dessert, it will be mostly fruits and maybe a small slice of pie. I can’t try everything this year and still expect to feel healthy afterwards. There will have to be some small sacrifices but I will still be able to enjoy my Thanksgiving with more of the healthier options.

NAD IV Therapy for Energy.

Besides regular nutrient IV therapy, I might also get NAD IV therapy this year. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a great way to feel energetic. Basically NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a naturally occurring niacin enzyme that helps cells in our bodies produce energy. It does so by converting the energy we get from food into cellular energy. Sometimes we don’t get enough of it. 


If you feel tired all the time, have depression, anxiety, or if you’re trying to detox from alcohol or drugs, then it can provide a good solution. Usually, the morning after Thanksgiving, I feel terrible and have no motivation to do anything. NAD IV therapy might be what I’m looking for to actually seize the day and do something other than stay home all day avoiding the crowds.

Give Your Body a Natural Boost with Exercise.

Believe it or not there is a natural, healthy way of giving yourself energy; it’s called exercise and usually around this time of year I try to avoid it. However, if I want to feel healthier this year, I have to embrace it. I plan on going to the gym in the morning to get a good workout in. I plan on doing a mix of cardio and weights to cover my bases. That way I’ll burn calories but I’ll also have my metabolism boosted.

thanksgiving liquivida-lounge

Some families have a tradition where they play football on Thanksgiving. I would love to do that instead, but unfortunately my family isn’t the most athletic. Also, after my Thanksgiving meal, I plan on going for a walk around my neighborhood to burn off some calories and not feel as full. The next morning, I plan to hit the gym again and hit the sauna afterwards, to sweat out some of the toxins so I don’t feel as bloated. I think with this plan, I’ll be able to keep my body feeling healthier!

Lighten Up on the Alcohol.

Let’s face it, I enjoy a glass of wine or three with Thanksgiving dinner. It helps wash down the food as well as the political opinions from relatives. As enjoyable as it is, alcohol makes me feel more sluggish and less healthy. I also fall asleep pretty early because of it. This year I’m either going to skip the alcohol altogether or I’m going to stick to a wine with a low alcohol by volume so I don’t get too carried away.

thanksgiving liquivida

I’m also going to drink plenty of water, maybe even sparkling water between glasses so I feel fuller but with less alcohol. I think with this plan, I’ll have a nice buzz to take the edge off of dealing with family and still stay healthy.

So How Do I Have a Healthier Thanksgiving?

If you want to do like I do, try getting some nutrient iv therapy or a NAD IV before or after your Thanksgiving to make sure your body gets all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs and so you have some energy the next day. Make sure to watch what you put on your Thanksgiving plate and focus on lighter things like veggies. Also gets some exercise the day of and the day after to prevent your metabolism from slowing down. And make sure to take it easy on the alcohol, because that can make things worse. One more important thing: don’t forget to be thankful this year for your health and for your family, as crazy as they are, they’re the only one you have!

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