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How to Stay Healthy and Active at the Office

by Jake Muller on May 22, 2017 4:03:59 PM

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In the fast-paced work life of the 21st century, you must be fit. And not just physically, but mentally as well. Businesses are always looking for employees who are focused, bright, and able to work efficiently. Often, companies give raises, bonuses, and even promotions to workers who have proven themselves to be a few steps above the average candidate. "It's so hard to find good help these days," is a cliché but it's also true. Fewer and fewer candidates are fully qualified for the jobs they're applying for. To really stand out you need to improve your productivity to increase your profitability.

Is There an Easy Way to Help You Be More Productive?

If you're really looking for that extra step to help you stand out in your work, Liquivida IV drips go a long way. Different nutrient IV infusion centers offer several unique IV drips for specific occasions. Liquivida Lounge offers some to help improve your athletic performance, help fight the effects of aging, get rid of a hangover, and improve your overall health. For productivity and helping you be your best at work, Liquivida Lounge has a very cool drip called The Executive.

How Will The Executive Help Me Be More Productive at Work?

The secret to The Executive and unlocking your productivity potential, is in the nutrients. The Executive IV drip contains Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium, and Selenium, in addition to vitamins B1, B6, and B12. These are all great nutrients to help you be healthy without having to exercise in the office.

Let's go into more detail about how they can help you: 

Vitamins B12, B6, and B1 for Increased Blood Circulation

Have you ever felt stiff and sore after a long day's work? It's like you have do something physical immediately but you feel too exhausted. This is most likely due to not having good circulation during work hours. This is usually caused mainly by not having healthy habits. Our bodies weren't designed to sit at a desk all day; therefore, it's very important to get plenty of exercise and get the right vitamins to keep good blood circulation. B1, B6, and B12 are vitamins that work to make sure that blood cells are being pumped effectively and going where they need to go. This is the best way to start to feel more energy, strength, and mental focus. Want to learn more about vitamin B12? Read this article.

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When your blood cells are going where they need to, all the organs work like they need to, hence you'll work at a top level with your body feeling like it should. It's always important to make sure your body is getting the right nutrients. And if it can help improve your work fitness, that’s even better. Your paycheck will thank you for being so healthy. 

Get Stronger With Gluconate

To survive in any corporate environment, you must have mental and physical strength to put up with the long hours and all the responsibilities, and what better way than with Calcium Gluconate? Calcium Gluconate works to make sure your body is getting enough calcium it needs to be strong and healthy.

Your bones can weaken and cause you aches and pains if your body isn't getting enough Calcium. Keeping sedentary by sitting at a desk all day can cause pains in your body, specifically in your bones. Our bodies are not used to sitting for hours on end, so it is especially important to make sure your bones are strong to support the inactivity.

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Our bones hold up our muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, so if they're not getting what they need, our bodies will start to feel it. The bones are supporting the rest of your body and they need to be strong. This means more frequent aches as a result of sedentary work. When you get more aches, you find it more difficult to work, thus you need Calcium Gluconate to make sure your body is strong and you're able to work efficiently. Your higher-ups will take note one way or the other.

How Does Magnesium Chloride Help You Concentrate in the Office?

Everyone feels sluggish at work throughout the day. You woke up too early, the stress gives you fatigue, there's just too much that needs to be done and it wears you out. Well, what you need is some Magnesium Chloride. Magnesium is found in foods like beans and nuts. When we have poor diets as a result of hectic schedules, our body doesn’t get the magnesium it needs and we start to feel tired. That's where Magnesium Chloride comes in. It helps prevent your body from being magnesium deficient, which makes you feel lethargic and lazy. Magnesium Chloride will help your body feel like normal by helping you boost energy to help you focus.

Selenium and Ascorbic Acid Help You Stay Active at Work 

If you're someone who's frequently getting sick and having to either take a day off or show up with a cold, you usually find you're not getting as much work done as you would like. Who could blame you when you don't feel your best and can't focus on the work at hand? Offices can often be a place where diseases spread easily. Fortunately, The Executive Drip contains both Ascorbic Acid and Selenium to help give your immune system a jumpstart. One of the primary benefits of Ascorbic Acid is to help prevent Vitamin C deficiency by getting rid of free radicals that may cause your Vitamin C levels to drop. When your Vitamin C levels drop, you are allowing your body to get infected easily.

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The same is true with Selenium. Selenium can be found in foods like Brazil nuts or certain types of seafood, but if you're not eating those then your body may be at risk. Selenium is needed for your body's immune system to be strong. It essentially helps white blood cells do their job of staving off any kinds of illnesses. So, if you want to be productive, these two nutrients will help you stay active at work to not need a day off.

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