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How to Get Healthy Before and After Surgery

by Jake Muller on Apr 19, 2017 12:04:15 PM

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SURGERY. Just the word alone is enough to make you shudder. Nobody likes to think about surgery but it is a part of life; according to a 2009 study, Americans undergo an average of 9.2 surgical procedures in their lifetime for various reasons. Obviously this ranges from minor issues to major ones, but it may benefit you to learn about how to get ready for surgery and how to recover from it afterwards. You want your body to be in good shape for surgery so why not learn how to properly prepare and recuperate in the best way possible?

Get Ready for Surgery With Exercise

When you're starting to think about surgery the last thing on your mind is usually exercise and hitting the gym, right? But there are plenty of benefits to preoperative fitness. For one thing, it helps with the amount of physiological stress put on your body during the procedure. By keeping your body in good shape, you can help your body stay strong while the operation takes place. In fact, people who were actively involved in pre-surgery fitness regimen, reduced their chances of needing post-operative rehabilitation by a whopping 73 percent.

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Combining your fitness regimen with nutrient IV therapy can also aid you to be in the best shape you can be. It also assists your body for the amount of bed rest that takes place during recovery. Your body naturally depletes its strength while laying still and inactive. In order to prevent this, it pays to be fit enough so that the recovery stage doesn’t leave you too weak and unable to function. Nobody wants a prolonged stay at the hospital, so why not decrease your hospital time by increasing your exercise time?

Prepare for Surgery With a Good Nutrition Plan

Besides being in good shape, your body needs to have the right combination of vitamins and minerals to keep functioning at full capacity. It's common sense; it's generally not a good idea to eat lots of salts, fats, and sugar before going into surgery.

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You can't neglect your health right before it's about to be challenged. But what about your pre-surgery diet? Aren't you not supposed to eat before going under? Yes and one of the best possible ways to keep yourself healthy without having to eat or drink is with nutrient IV therapy. This study from 2013 shows that it can help you keep you hydrated, keep your body relaxed, and help keep all your bodily functions running properly.

Watching your diet in the days before surgery combined with IV drips will help your body stay healthy. In fact, changing your diet from high-fat to low-fat can actually help your body heal quicker and experience less trauma. We've mentioned before about the wonders of combining certain foods with IV therapy. Combining food with IV therapy certainly will aid you before you step into the hospital and right when you step out.

Recover From Surgery With Postoperative Physical Therapy

As we mentioned above, it can be advantageous to keep your body fit before surgery. It can also be useful to make sure that you work out as soon as possible afterwards. Of course, who wants to work out after you feel so weak? But there is evidence that it assists your body recover.

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Postoperative physical therapy can help speed up your recovery time and get you feeling back to normal again. Your body loses some of its strength during surgery and can take a while getting back to normal. Depending on the surgery, it can take weeks, even months before your body feels normal again. That's why its important to start training. In fact, exercise after surgery can prevent blood clots, restore muscle strength, and help you regain your agility.

While exercise is recommended, you have to make sure you check with your doctor about what the best postoperative physical therapy would be. Start slow and work your way up the natural way. You don't want to try too much all at once because you could cause injuries. But once you start going, you'll start feeling like your regular, old self and you'll regain your strength.

Replenish Your Body With Nutrients After a Surgery

Going through a surgery makes you feel tired, dazed, and depleted. So how do you get your body back on track? Well as mentioned above, you hit the gym. But before you hit the gym it helps to get the nutrients your body needs back into your system. So which nutrients do you need? Well protein, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and calcium, can all aid your recovery. It's true, even bodybuilders know that these vitamins can help boost your recovery time and help you regain strength.

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It will take some time before your stomach can stomach all the food it takes to recover quickly, so the fastest way to get essential nutrients into your body is taking vitamin IV drips. That's because when you're eating different foods to get different nutrients, you're only getting a small percentage of those nutrients, while vitamin IV drips can get them directly to your bloodstream.

Your body is craving those important vitamins and minerals after surgery. As soon as your body gets what it needs, it starts working towards getting back to work.

What to Do Before and After Surgery?

Well, if you're gearing up for surgery it's especially important to start improving your health right away in order to be at your best before your body takes a beating. What you want to do is start watching your diet, getting all the nutrients you need with IV therapy, and hitting the gym to make your body strong.

After surgery you want to make sure you do the same. Start getting the right nutrients into your body and as soon as you're ready, get back to the gym and getting your strength and energy back. Surgery can be difficult and stressful but it doesn’t always have to be. As long as you take care of yourself before and after, you can make the whole process easier. Sometimes we all need to take a trip to the hospital but as long as you approach it the right way, you can get back to enjoying your life in no time.


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