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How to beat a Hangover in 30 MINUTES

by Jake Muller on May 6, 2016 12:41:56 PM

It's Saturday morning. You're exhausted, you're nauseous, and you have a huge headache. You feel a little worse for the wear and you're not sure how you're going to get through the rest of the day. Your first instinct is to have some water and hopefully hold down some breakfast as you try to recover from a long night. That may seem like the best solution but there's actually something easier and better for you: Taurine.

Meet Taurine

Taurine is a naturally-occurring amino acid important in nutrition and found in foods such as poultry and fish that works to help regulate blood flow and improve cardiovascular function. Taurine benefits are also used for a wide variety of functions such as improving muscle performance, helping to protect your retina, and treating liver disorders. Taurine is used by many people for different functions and is considered one of the most useful nutrients that your body needs to operate at an optimal level. It's also very useful in helping to fight a hangover, for several reasons.

For one, Taurine gets you hydrated


If you're looking to beat your hangover, the first step is getting hydrated. Dehydration is one of the main causes of the severity of hangovers. In fact, when you drink alcohol, your actually dehydrating your body and causing it to feel like you just got hit by a truck. One of the ways Taurine works is by assisting in cellular hydration, causing your body to get the right amount of water it needs without alcohol dehydrating you in the process.

We've discussed before about how damaging dehydration can be for the body and what to do to combat it. Taurine is definitely one of the best solutions you can find. Taurine can help wear off the main symptoms of dehydration such as headaches and nausea and set you on the road to recovery in no time.

It can also heal your sore muscles


You feel some life coming back to your body but you still feel sore. We all know that alcohol can cause you to feel some muscle pains as well as stiffness and cramping. One of the benefits of Taurine is how it helps to heal sore muscles and provides them with support. Taurine actually helps by protecting muscles cells from damage as well as repairing damaged cells in the body by stimulating muscle cells and providing essential proteins to your weakened muscles. Taurine is often used as a supplement prior to workouts for similar reasons.

Once you take Taurine, you will begin to feel the benefits almost immediately and no longer feel so stiff and hurt. Taurine can undo the damage from last night and get you ready for the night to come.

Taurine improves your concentration


You're starting to feel a little better but your mind still feels a bit groggy. You can't seem to remember much from last night and you can't seem to think too clearly either. You feel mentally exhausted as well. One of the most powerful benefits of Taurine is its ability to help improve your cognitive function and assist with concentration and focus. Taurine improves mental health by stimulating neurotransmitters and helping your mind focus. It has been shown to also help grow new brain cells and help battle against depression and anxiety. Many people suffering from both depression and anxiety have used Taurine to help improve their mental well-being.

Taurine can help the brain get what it needs to perform at a more optimum level. We've talked before about ways you can be more productive in 2016, Taurine is certainly one of those ways. You will feel a more relaxed but sharper mind with Taurine, as it helps you feel more mentally clear.

It helps you get energized in one hour or less


Alright, you're starting to feel better but you still need some energy. We all know alcohol can prevent you from getting the right quality of sleep and can make you feel groggy and physically exhausted. How are you going to have enough energy for the day? Taurine can help in a couple ways.

For one thing, it helps improve your blood flow, causing your brain and body to start feeling more energized. With better blood circulation, you'll feel your body function with less energy required and with much easier movements. Another way Taurine helps is by improving the body's glucose tolerance. Alcohol can be full of sugar, especially when it comes to cocktails and some of the more colorful drinks that we all enjoy now and then. One of the reasons, you feel so tired in the morning after a long night out is because of your body finally crashing from all the sugar in it. The way Taurine helps is by increasing the body's tolerance of glucose by stimulating insulin in your body to combat the sugar. Taurine can help prevent you from feeling the effects of too much sugar. This is also a reason why it is widely used by diabetics and people with high blood sugar; to help them combat many of these side effects.

What's the Best Way to Beat a Hangover?

Liquivida Lounge provides a Rise and Shine drip meant to get you back on your feet after a long night out. This works by providing your body with the right amount of Taurine to boost your immune system and increase your energy levels, and the best of all is that it only takes between 30-45 minutes to get it on your bloodstream. This drip also features Magnesium Chloride to detoxify your body and get you feeling whole again. Hangovers used to be a day spent in bed, recovering from a night you can't remember. With the proper IV therapy, hangovers will be the only thing you have trouble remembering.

Get out of bed and get your hangover cure today!

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