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Get Ready for Autumn with these Healthy Tips

by Jake Muller on Sep 13, 2018 4:31:12 PM

Get ready for Autumn with these healthy tips liquivida

With September comes the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It’s back to school and back to work for those of us back from vacations. It’s also back to focusing on your health if you’ve enjoyed the summer a bit too much. Maybe you’re looking to get back in shape if you’ve had more than a few backyard barbecues with plenty of beer and burgers. Maybe you’re looking to boost your immune system before flu season starts. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered with some healthy tips to keep your autumn happy and healthy.

Fall in Love with Outdoor Activities

Summer in South Florida can be brutal. The humidity and the heat combined can make you want to avoid going outside forever. With autumn approaching, the weather will start to cool down a bit, making it safe to go outside again. Jogging through your local park can help you keep in shape.  Also, who doesn’t love taking a jaunt through nature? It can do wonders for your mental health.

Get ready for Autumn with these healthy tips liquivida 2

There are plenty of autumn themed activities to do outside as well. Apple picking, raking leaves, going through a corn maze, or even playing a game of touch football can keep you active while giving you a chance to celebrate the season. You can even try some power squats with a pumpkin!

Eat Seasonal Foods to Stay Healthy During Autumn

Get ready for Autumn with these healthy tips liquivida 3

The fall season is also known as the harvest season. Back in the day, farmers used to harvest all their crops to prepare for the coming winter. Now that we live in more advanced times, we don’t have to worry about gathering enough food to eat, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go grab some delicious and healthy autumn produce. If you’re looking for some veggies, beets are great for blood flow and preventing heart disease. Brussel sprouts are also packed with vitamins A and C to keep your immune system up. Of course, pumpkins are great sources alpha and beta carotene, which promote healthy cell growth. If you’re looking for fruits, apples, cranberries, and pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants to keep your cells healthy as well.

Get Some Rest

During the summer months, the days are longer, which means we are usually staying out late longer. During the autumn months, however, the days start to get shorter. In November, it’ll be daylight savings again and time to set the clock back one hour. That means it’s time to take advantage of the shorter days and longer nights. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. Lack of proper sleep can cause cognitive disfunction, increased chance of heart disease, weight gain, depression, and a lower sex drive.

Get ready for Autumn with these healthy tips liquivida 4

If we want to be healthy, we must get a good night’s sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping, make sure to try going to bed and waking at the same times every day, avoid computer, TV, and phone screens at least an hour before bed, keep your room cool, and get a heavy blanket. These can all help make sure you get some shut eye.

How to Avoid Getting Sick in Autumn

Get ready for Autumn with these healthy tips liquivida 5

If you want to have a healthy fall, there are ways to prevent getting sick. Of course, exercising, eating right, and sleeping well will help get you there. You can also get a flu shot to avoid getting the flu altogether. The CDC recommends getting your flu shot before the end of October. October is actually when the flu starts rearing its ugly head, so it’s best to get a head start. You can also get an immunity-boosting nutrient infusion from Liquivida Lounge. It’s packed with the right mix of vitamins and minerals to enhance your body’s natural defenses against getting sick. Besides that, you can just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day, avoid tobacco smoke and alcohol, and try to manage your stress levels. All of these can wear down your body’s protection.

Become Introspective

In our society there is a large emphasis on physical health with eating right and working out, but often we neglect to take care of our mental and emotional health, which is just as important. In these uncertain times, it can be very beneficial to check in with yourself. Journaling your thoughts and feelings each day can help get you in touch with your emotions.

Get ready for Autumn with these healthy tips liquivida 6

Meditation has also been known to reduce stress levels and achieve inner peace. Yoga is an excellent way to help you relax as well. It’s also important to find good people to talk to. If you’re looking to make new friends or looking for support, there are plenty of meet ups you can find online to find the right people. Sharing your worries and concerns with others can alleviate some of your problems.

Steer Clear of Holiday Junk During Fall

Autumn is a great time because there’s plenty of holidays to celebrate. But with lots of holidays there’s bound to be lots of food. Rosh Hashanah, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are all holidays that revolve around food. It’s important to make sure you don’t overindulge. For one, if you know you are having a large feast, you can make sure to get a good workout before and after, to keep your metabolism up. If alcohol is being served, try to limit your servings; alcohol can be full of sugar. You can also make sure to load up on veggies, so you don’t fill up on meats and carbs.

If you’re hosting a holiday, then try to find recipes that are low calorie or low in carbs. Try to find organic products and create well-rounded meals. There are also plenty of healthy holiday recipes you can find online that can help you make some tasty meals. It’s all about portion control and eating the right foods.

Enjoy Autumn with these Healthy Tips! 

If you want to have a happy and healthy fall season, there’s a few easy tips for autumn to follow. Just make sure to move around and stay active. This can help your stress and keep the weight off. You can also eat seasonal foods to get lots of nutrients to stay healthy. Make sure to also get plenty of sleep to keep you full of energy and to prevent disease.

Get all your shots taken care of and try some immunity boosting IV drips. Also make sure to take care of your mental and emotional health. And make sure you don’t indulge a little too much during holiday meals. If you do all that, you’ll have your best autumn yet and plenty of great memories to look back on.

Have an Awesome
Autumn this season!

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