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4 holiday travel hacks for this holiday season

by Jennifer Scott on Dec 27, 2016 4:23:19 PM

There is a good chance that you’ll be traveling at some point this holiday season, and you’re probably looking forward to it about as much as the Grinch is looking forward to hearing all the noise from Whoville. The stress that comes with finding affordable flights, packing, and getting to your destination with all your belongings in tow is enough to dampen anyone’s holiday spirit. However, with the help of our holiday travel hacks and nutrient IV therapy, you’ll have less stress and more cheer while you travel this holiday season. 

Prepare Your Body and Mind Before the Holiday Trip 

Going on a trip is a time consuming effort, which also makes you spend tons of energy looking for the right flight, the best hotel and the fastest route. Combine that with the winter and you have a perfect recipe for getting sick. Lucky for you, Liquivida Lounge can help you boost your immune system with a custom nutrient IV drip, that way you have one less thing to worry before the big days.


Once you have your health covered, you should know that to get a better price and save some holiday spending stress, clearing your browser’s history, cache, and cookies before searching for a flight it’s a great idea. Airlines and travel sites commonly track visitors to their pages and charge repeat visitors more. First-time visitors often get cheaper rates, so you need to make them think it’s your first visit by taking a few minutes to clear these items in your internet browser. If you don’t want to clear your passwords and history, try switching browsers to one you haven’t used before to search for flights.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

You never know whom you will be seated next to on the flight, and one uncomfortable flight is not a good way to start the holidays. That’s why it’s helpful to consider your time on the flight instead of planning to get to and from the airport and forgetting to make your flight more bearable. You could take along a book, or save some of our articles to read them offline, and start destressing while reading. One study shows that reading may reduce stress by as much as 68% because it gives people an escape.


But, if you find it difficult to read with all the distractions on the plane, think about how to turn your smartphone into an entertainment center. You can load it with eBooks to listen to stories instead of reading them yourself. Or, you can load it with movies that you love instead of relying on in-flight entertainment. If you don’t want to hold your phone for the duration of the flight, use tips from some flyers who found ways to turn barf bags into phone mounts.

Account for Presents in Luggage

If you are traveling with gifts, you’ll need to account for the space they will occupy in your luggage. The worst thing you can do is start packing the night before your trip and realize you’ll need to pay more to haul your gifts to your destination. One trick is to roll your clothing instead of folding it in your luggage. If you roll it carefully, your clothing will not have the creases that you find when you unpack folded clothing. And, rolled clothing takes a fraction of the space that folded clothing does, so you’ll have more room for gifts in your luggage.

Speaking of traveling with holiday gifts, make sure that you don’t wrap them before you arrive at your destination. You’ll risk tearing the wrapping or smashing bows if you wrap ahead of time. Worse yet, TSA officials may open them for a security inspection. The best bet for your holiday gifts may be to mail them to your destination rather than traveling with them; however, to save some hassle and headaches if your luggage is lost or your checked luggage fees get too high.

And don’t forget you can get gift cards, nutrient IV sessions, and Netflix subscriptions for your loved ones to save tons of space, without sacrificing the idea of a thoughtful gift.  

Don’t Overlook Tasks at Your Own Home

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in preparing to travel for the holidays that you forget to take care of things at your own home. Make sure you leave on some lights, put others on timers, and lock all your doors and windows. While you may want to put our Christmas lights on timers to make people think you are home while you’re away, turn off the Christmas tree lights if you have a real tree to avoid a fire hazard. Of course, ask a neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers to avoid thieves easily seeing that you are out of town.

If you have pets, you should arrange for their care in advance of your departure. This year, you should consider hiring a pet sitter instead of taking your pet to a kennel. Pet sitters give your animals individual attention and care for them in much the same way you do, while kennels are impersonal facilities that often house several animals at once. You’ll worry less about your pets while you’re gone if you interview, check references, and choose a pet sitter that can get to know your pet before you leave for the holidays.

Now, if you need an extra boost in energy to get the most out of your holiday trip you should try a vitamin B12 shot. Combine it with our four holiday travel hacks, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to traveling a little more this year.

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