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Fort Lauderdale US - December 1st, 2022 / Liquivida Lounge 

Liquivida Founder Sam Tejada to Speak at First-of-Its-Kind Conference in Orlando About How to Start an IV Therapy Business

Fort Lauderdale, FL. October 5, 2022. The founder of IV Biz Bash, Chris Himel, invited founder Sam Tejada of Liquivida to represent leaders in the IV therapy business space for the first annual IV Biz Bash conference in Orlando. Tejada will speak at the three-day event over the October 13-15 weekend. He has been instrumental in helping Himel build the event to attract industry leaders from across the country, even as far away as Alaska.

IV Biz Bash is the first conference of its kind in the anti-aging sphere. While other conferences have featured IV therapy speakers and panels as part of the larger medspa and anti-aging space, these conferences (AmSpa conferencesA4M conferences, etc.) have not focused exclusively on the IV therapy business model.

Tejada’s Contributions to Building IV Biz Bash

As Himel reached out to leading professionals to build IV Biz Bash into a leadership conference in the IV therapy franchise industry, Tejada was one of the first to offer more to help build the conference into an industry educational event for new professionals.

Tejada’s company Liquivida an early marketer of IV therapy franchise opportunities to enable business investors to get into the health and wellness space with IV drip therapy. His experience and expertise in starting an IV clinic franchise have proven invaluable in attracting other industry experts to join industry leaders Liquivida, The Drip Bar, and Restore Hyper Wellness.

Speaking at the First-Ever IV Hydration Business Conference

Tejada will discuss Liquivida’s growth and marketing strategies at the conference, lending his expertise to new industry professionals to help them see higher returns quickly. He will offer guidance in providing scalable IV therapy business services as a mobile IV clinic franchise owner.

The Liquivida founder will also speak on an expert panel during the conference to discuss behind-the-scenes industry leader insights, helping to analyze and strategize with other professionals on how IV therapy got where it is today and how it will continue to grow.

Growing Together Toward Industry Success

Event organizer Himel says of his idea that the most impressive part is how these leading competitors are coming together to lead the charge in industry education. Each CEO, president, founder, director, and owner appears interested in emphasizing industry-wide growth and awareness. They know that a rising tide lifts all ships, and they want to raise their ships as high as they can.

Panels at the conference will allow new and existing IV therapy business owners to learn more from industry leaders about the tools for success that they implement every day, from marketing to franchise and location management and even clinical practices and procedures.

Guiding the industry to greater awareness by prospective franchisors and customers is one of the top goals of Tejada and his successful Liquivida business.

The Time to Set Standards for the IV Clinic Franchise Model Is Now

While state regulations vary across the country, including whether an owner needs an IV hydration business license or other certification, this premier conference will allow industry experts to set best practices among themselves and with newcomers.

Industry leaders helping Himel organize the event, including Tejada of Liquivida, are excited to target several key points in operational safety, customer service, industry reputation management, and other essential standards. These leaders agree that an entrepreneur who deviates from the industry norms could negatively affect public opinion on the safety and benefits of IV therapy.

Himel emphasizes that this conference is an opportunity for the standards-makers to impart their knowledge, experience, and training to a new generation of IV therapy business owners franchising wellness locations, offering mobile IV therapy services, and expanding services into related fields like beauty injectables.

Tickets Are Still on Sale to See Tejada of Liquivida at the IV Biz Bash Conference

Guests have until October 12 to purchase tickets to the first annual IV Biz Bash conference in Orlando, FL, this year. Learn more about the event by visiting IVBizBash.com to see event information and learn about guest speakers like Sam Tejada of Liquivida.

For more information about franchise opportunities with Liquivida, visit Liquivida.com to see how to start an IV therapy business with Liquivida IV Drips, Liquivida Lounges, or Liquivida Wellness Centers.

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LQV Management partners with franchise owners to offer an integrated and full-service medical franchise model to help people across America to replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through vitamin IV therapy, medical esthetics, and innovative weight loss solutions.

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