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Feel younger and revitalized.

Our hormone replacement therapy uses injections, provided under medical supervision, to fight low hormone levels, as well as andropause and menopause symptoms.

As a man or woman over 40, your body will continue to change and those changes can affect how your body reacts to regular workouts, sexual drive and energy-demanding activities. 

Stop energy loss to greatly improve how you feel about yourself.

Our HRT also includes HCG, progesterone, thyroid, growth hormone, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating (FSH) DHEA, and DHT to help you get back in your A-game.


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. Traditionally, testosterone is known for the development of male tissues, including the prostate and testes, while secondarily, it plays a significant role in bone and muscle mass, body hair growth, and causes a deepened voice due to increased tension on the vocal cords. There are other ways testosterone is used in the medical field, especially for reversing signs of aging, while improving cardiometabolic health and vitality. Consult with your Liquivida wellness coordinator to determine if testosterone replacement is an option for you.

How Does Low Testosterone Affect Men?

Testosterone deficiency increases the risk for heart attack, stroke, cognitive dysfunction, sarcopenia (muscle wasting), obesity, anemia, fatigue, depression, inflammation, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, irritability, and sexual dysfunction (e.g., decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, reduced orgasm intensity). Many men suffering from low testosterone will report a loss of competitive edge, musculoskeletal stiffness and pain, diminished ability to participate in athletics/sports, and poor work performance. Men see a decline in testosterone at 30 years old, but it is not uncommon for some men to have symptoms of low testosterone as early as their 20's!

What Else Should You Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

TRT is both safe and effective. To further increase its efficacy, prescribers often recommend clomiphene citrate as an adjuvant to TRT. Clomiphene citrate maintains male testicular function. In some cases, clomiphene citrate is a more conservative option to improve testosterone levels before trying TRT.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of TRT?

The majority of side effects and risks associated with TRT are typically due to poorly managed protocols. That said, TRT comes with side effects including acne, infertility, testicular atrophy, and gynecomastia. Contrary to popular belief, TRT does not increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, or blood clots. Everyone is different so it's a good idea to discuss recommended protocols specific to your testosterone levels, age, and overall symptoms.


What is Testosterone?

Traditionally, we understand testosterone as being responsible for the development of male tissues. While testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males, it also plays numerous vital roles in females. In women, testosterone has been shown to increase libido, ‘emotional well-being, muscle mass, pain tolerance, and neurotransmitter production. Additionally, it aids in memory retention, keeps skin from sagging, reduces body fat, and maintains bone density.

What causes low Testosterone in women?

There are several causes of low testosterone in women,
often related to menopause and perimenopause. That
said, women may also experience low testosterone
secondary to estrogen dominance, childbirth, cancer
treatment, adrenal fatigue, use of birth control pills,
depression, endometriosis, and statin drugs.

Women with Low Testosterone May Experience:
* Poor libido
* Decreased quality and quantity of orgasms
* Diminished nipple and clitoral sensitivity
* Sarcopenia (muscle wasting & weight gain)
* Reduced collagen elasticity (sagging cheeks and eyelids and thin lips)
* Low self-esteem
* Anxiety
* Fatigue
* Poor memory recall
* Thin, dry hair

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 Overall Benefits: 

  • Regular hormone injections promote youth and vitality in people over 50.
  • HRT can help you mitigate some andropause and menopause
  • Feel stronger and younger to complete daily tasks with more energy and passion.