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RMR Analysis


What is an RMR Analysis?

Is a 20-minute breath-by-breath metabolic rate analysis of your daily calorie expenditure and metabolic health. RMR, short for Resting Metabolic Rate, is the number of calories your body burns at rest in 24-hours.

In addition to the RMR, the test also measures how many calories you burn during your daily work life, 30-minutes of moderate exercise, your metabolism speed (slow, normal, fast), and what your body wants to burn as energy in a fasted state (sugar or fat).

How To Prepare for RMR Analysis

The RMR Analysis requires fasting from food, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and exercise for a minimum of 8 hours up to a maximum of 12 hours prior to having your appointment.

Make sure that you do not do anything outside of your normal routine as far as eating and exercise go, as this will have atypical influences on your metabolic rate and will not provide an accurate reflection of how you're stimulating your body under normal conditions. 
Some examples of this are extreme fasting from food (24 to 72 hours in duration), binge eating, binge drinking (alcohol), extremely strenuous exercise or sporting events.

These factors affect your true metabolic function and will cause the data provided in the test to be wrong if you arrive improperly prepared. It is best to schedule your RMR analysis first thing in the morning before working or being active to capture a true evaluation of uninfluenced resting-state function. The optimal times for this test are between 6 am and 12 pm.

Why Is It Important to Have A RMR Analysis?

Nutrition has a huge influence on your metabolic health, along with other important factors like exercise, sleep, and stress. An RMR Analysis can help you pinpoint your daily calorie expenditure so that proper daily calorie intake recommendations can be provided to you that are specific to your needs and your wellness goals.

What Can I Do with The Information from RMR Analysis?

You can create a more accurate wellness plan centered around the data from the RMR Analysis. Whether you are already experienced with counting calories and macronutrients or if you’re just getting started, this data will help eliminate the guesswork and frustration from online calculators and equations.

You can provide this data to a nutrition-certified personal trainer, registered dietitian, nutritionist, or physician to help them create a wellness plan to help you reach your goals.

How Often Should I Evaluate My RMR Analysis?

If you have a normal and healthy functioning metabolism, you should monitor changes in your RMR once every 4-6 months. With the proper balance of nutrition and exercise, your metabolism will respond favorably to your lifestyle and evolve as you do in your progress.

If you have a slow or impacted metabolic rate, a more frequent analysis may be required, and follow-ups will be recommended to you on a personalized basis.

When will I get my results?

Your results will be immediately available for you on the date of your appointment. A brief result review will be conducted after the test is completed, but no consultation or nutrition plan is included with this review.

Consultation and nutrition program upgrades are available and should be discussed with Arnold prior to or during your appointment.

What Information Will I Receive from the RMR?

See an RMR Analysis sample report here.

Looking to Get Started? 

Knowing how your metabolism is functioning is a critical key to wellness success, no matter what your goals are.

Our RMR Analysis is only available at our Lauderdale Beach Wellness Center.

Book a consultation with Arnold to address your questions, evaluate your wellness goals, and receive service recommendations for your needs. 

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