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Liquivida Launches Heroes Program to Give Back to Emergency Responders and Healthcare Workers



(Fort Lauderdale, FL) – Liquivida Lounge® now permanently offers special discounts on its health and wellness services to firefighters, paramedics, veterans, healthcare professionals, and emergency responders. Through Liquivida’s Heroes Program, members of the community who serve others in these crucial roles will now receive 20% off all services plus free monthly shots of vitamin B-12 indefinitely as long as they are actively employed in these roles.

Initially only offered by Liquivida Lounge® at the beginning of the pandemic, these extended perks will keep first responders healthy while performing crucial duties—even after COVID-19.

“This is a big ‘thank you' to all healthcare professionals who played a major role in the fight against COVID-19,” says Chief Marketing Officer Emmanuel Trenche.

In addition to receiving these services, Liquivida Lounge® is also helping veterans and first responders become business owners through its franchise program. All veterans and first responders are eligible to receive 15% off their franchising fee, allowing more accessibility for first responders to transition to new professional avenues within the health and wellness field.

Franchising is an increasingly popular way to become a business owner. With franchising, all of the tools and business strategies needed to be successful have been carefully developed by leading industry professionals for the benefit of its franchisees. This saves franchisees a tremendous amount of time and resources, giving them a head start so they can focus on serving the various needs of their clientele.

Liquivida Lounge® invests in its franchisees’ success through the implementation of a business model that works through proper customer service, sales, support, and training. After launch, business coaching is available for each operator.

This value is at the core of Liquivida’s history. Sam Tejada, President and Founder of Liquivida Lounge®, is a former firefighter-paramedic whose passion inspired him to create a lounge that offers preventative medicine in a modern spa-like experience, relaxing the mind and replenishing the body. By offering discounts on health services and franchising, Liquivida continues to give back to the community that inspired its founding.

About LQV Management

LQV Management partners with franchise owners to offer an integrated and full-service medical franchise model to help people across America to replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through vitamin IV therapy, medical esthetics, and innovative weight loss solutions.

Franchises are operated by a respected network of medical professionals who believe that sustainable health and wellness can be achieved by knowing the body and caring for it through targeted nutrition and a combination of preventative and functional medicine.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company is known for creating a modern, spa-like environment, where people from all walks of life can relax the mind as they replenish the body to better manage the aging process and obtain a greater quality of life.

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