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How can IV therapy help you?

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GET ENERGIZED in 30 minutes!

Better Workouts

Nutrient IV therapy is perfect for anyone who wants to train hard in a hobby or sport. 

Improved Performance

You don't have to be an athlete, either. If you simply want to be more consistent with your workouts or achieve your fitness goals, there's a nutrient mix for you. 

Fast Muscle Recovery

Strengthen muscles before and after intense physical activity, so you can go further and faster. 

Consistent Energy

Combat fatigue and stay motivated to train for longer hours. 


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look younger and healthier

Concerned About Hair Loss

Nutrient IV Therapy delivers high levels of Biotin into your body, so your cells are equipped to promote noticeably healthy, stronger-looking hair.

Want Healthy Skin & Nails

Replenish your body with nutrients that improve your skin's overall appearance, while producing healthy nails. 

Want to Detox

Eliminate toxins from your system, so you can reduce the dramatic effects aging can have on your face and body. 

Improved Mood

Reduce your stress levels by hydrating your body completely, while receiving B-complex vitamins to improve brain function.  


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stay focused AT WORK for more time

Be more alert

Sharpen your memory and focus by fueling your brain and nervous system with high-impact vitamins and minerals. 

Make better decisions

Feel an immediate sense of clarity, so you can properly assess complex situations and work effectively under intense pressure. 

Be more active after hours

Enjoy the best life has to offer after work without feeling exhausted or mentally drained from a long day. 


fight the flu and the common cold

Strengthen your immune system 

If you're feeling under the weather or are already sick with the common cold or flu, consider a high dose of vitamin C and Zinc. 

Fight airborne illnesses

Maintain a healthy nervous system and improve the cardiovascular function of your body. 

Keep energy high

Feel energized and in control by giving your immune system high-impact nutrients that keep you resilient. 


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cure A HANGOVER IN no time

Need to bounce back quickly

Obtain the energy you need to bounce back, be productive and get things done. 

Avoid feeling 'down' or depressed

Stop feeling groggy and unmotivated by empowering your cells with Taurine and powerful electrolytes.

Avoid headaches

Hydrate your brain and other organs, so you can function completely without putting more strain on your body.