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Discover The FIT3D Laser Scan

This device provides a 3-D 360-degree digitally rendered image of your body in 40-seconds while evaluating your posture and balance while taking inch measurements around your body from your neck to your calves.

Unlike the DXA Body Scan, this device does NOT provide body composition analysis. The FIT3D is the perfect partner for DXA Body Scan because it provides a different set of metrics that the DXA cannot.

How Can A FIT3D Laser Scan Help Me?

The FIT3D Scan can be used  as often as you like to help evaluate issues such as:

  • Posture
  • Form
  • Balance 
  • Increases or decreases in your body measurements in important areas such as arms, thighs, hips, and abdomen.
 FIT3D can pinpoint issues with your posture and balance that you didn’t know you had. This is especially important because having good form while exercising is crucial for injury prevention and training muscle groups properly.

FIT3D helps you go beyond the scale to create a positive relationship with body image. The scale can only tell you the weight of an item, it cannot tell you its dimensions or contents.

If you are weightlifting and trying to lose body fat, the scale can become your nemesis If the scale is your only method of measuring your progress.

Lean Muscle is dense and takes up less space than fat tissue does on your body, so you could be losing inches in important areas while the scale hasn’t budged. This could cause you to think that your nutrition and fitness plan is not working when in reality it could be giving you the results you’re looking for!

How Often Should I Have a FIT3D Scan?

Recommendations will vary from client to client, but if you are actively working on improving your body composition, it is recommended that you have a FIT3D scan once every 30 days.

Most commonly, clients do a FIT3D Scan each time they come in for a DXA Body Scan once every 60-90 days to compare their trending data.


Tight clothing such as spandex shorts and sports bra for women, or biking shorts for men.

You want to avoid any clothing that does not fit tightly to you, as the camera measures the circumference around your body. If you are wearing baggy clothing, this will measure you larger than what you are.

Keep it consistent for every measurement to achieve accurate results.

When will I get my results?

Your results will be provided to you via email within minutes after scan completion. A brief result review session will be provided after the test is completed, but no consultation or wellness plan is included. Consultation and wellness program upgrades are available and should be discussed during your appointment.

See a FIT3D Scan sample report here.

Looking to Get Started? 

Our FIT3D Scan is only available at our Lauderdale Beach Wellness Center.


Looking for more support?

Book a goal consultation with Arnold to address your questions, evaluate your wellness goals, and receive service recommendations to meet your needs. 

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