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About Liquivida®

Liquivida® is a fast-growing franchise with numerous wellness centers popping up across the United States in the recent decade.  We are expanding, and we're looking for the next person to join our team and make a difference. Our medical spas offer aesthetics services, facials, sexual wellness, weight loss and nutrition counseling, hormone replacement therapy, and vitamin IV Therapy. We want to employ the best professionals to offer the best service in the industry. At Liquivida®, we love when our clients look and feel their best from the inside out, so we design anti-aging programs that include all lifestyles using a holistic approach to wellness.

Job Description

Position: Master Injector/Functional Medicine

Location: All Corporate Locations

Pay: $200,000 (Full time - 40 hours)

Short Job Description

We are searching for a Master Aesthetic Injector who is looking to make a major impact on the organization. We are looking for 7+ years of Aesthetic injector with products like Neurotoxins, fillers, PDO Threads, Regenerative therapy, Joint injections, and Hormone replacement/ peptide therapy. Someone who can teach and train other practitioners with precision and advanced techniques. A genius at face autonomy and can tailor exceptional treatment plans to each client for full corrections. Comes with a book of business, and generates and maintains a successful client base and following. Ability to help drive positive patient outcomes practice success and potential ownership into a practice. Should also have examples of their work on social media platforms.


  • Summary of Qualifications with 7 years of experience
  • Expertise in facial, buttock, and neck injectables
  • Extensive experience in Hormone Replacement Therapy for both men and women
  • Proficiency in peptide therapies, nutrient IV treatment, chelation, sexual health, and medical weight loss
  • Working knowledge and expertise in Neurotoxins, Dermal fillers, PDO threads, and other innovative procedures.
  • Training under Plastic Surgeons and/or Functional Medicine Doctors
  • Strong background in Leadership and management, including Director and Ownership roles
  • Certification as Director of Aesthetics or Master Aesthetic Trainer
  • Comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy, full face rejuvenation, minimally invasive procedures, and skincare
  • Commitment to contributing to innovation treatments and company protocol development
  • Sales and upselling expertise, with a focus on educational programs and packages

Education/Experience Need

  • Proficient in interpreting specialized laboratory test results for personalized patient treatment plans
  • Active membership in expert advisory boards related to cosmetics, plastic surgery, or Master Injector panels
  • Acknowledged with awards, including Master Injector recognition and placement among the Top 100 Best Aesthetics Injectors in America
  • Participation on boards related to Functional Medicine, the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, and Hormone Therapy
  • Informed about innovations in noninvasive body and facial enhancements
  • Working knowledge in Cardiovascular health, biological systems, insulin sensitivity, inflammatory markers, and thyroid health
  • Expertise in Sexual health treatments
  • National trainer, speaker, and media interviewee for Marketing campaigns, including visual and audible formats
  • Flexible in adapting to varying work schedules based on the organization’s needs
  • Working knowledge of rejuvenation products and techniques
  • Deeply passionate about health, wellness, beauty, and root cause treatment
  • Holds a Doctorate in Medicine, Doctorate in nursing, ARNP, or PA degree
  • Bilingual skills as a plus


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