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 Use the power of your cells to restore the looks of your skin.


Transform your skins texture.
 Looking young and beautiful gets more difficult as we
age and stress out about life. That doesn't mean it's
 impossible to maintain a refreshed appearance naturally.

A PRP Facial® treatment is a safe and non-surgical
procedure, to restore the younger and healthier look of
your skin, using your blood's healing factors.

This ground breaking technique utilizes your blood's
 healing abilities to improve the quality and texture of
your skin. Clients who have tried our PRP Facial
report softer, smoother, and more radiant skin after their
first session.

PRP Facial

Difference Between PRP and FactorX
 Both products can be used the same way. PRP is a
 invasive autologous procedure that utilizes less then
 10 aged growth factors to rejuvenate your skin. FactorX
contains 300 documented amniotic derived growth
factors. PRP and FactorX may be combined.



 Overall Benefits: 

  • May improve skin quality
  • May reduce wrinkles & fine lines
  • May make skin radiant
  • Hair regeneration
  • Food Sensitivities