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Arnold Avendano

Arnold has been guiding individuals through lifestyle transformations using a holistic whole-body individualized approach for over 18 years.

He has developed a set of healthy lifestyle principles that encompass all of the crucial components of well-being: mindset, mindfulness, scientific education, preparation and planning, and healthy coping strategies that he includes within his wellness programs.

Though he does NOT provide prescription meal plans or Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for the management of disease, he is able to help individuals create healthy lifestyle habits with nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle behaviors that may indirectly improve ailments and symptoms associated with disease processes.

Arnold is a graduate of Keiser University’s rigorous Radiologic Technology curriculum allowing him to be Nationally Registered as a Radiologic Technologist, also earning a special credential in Bone Densitometry. He has completed over 5,000 course hours of holistic nutrition, functional wellness, and alternative treatment education and certification programs. His experience and training in both traditional Western medicine and Eastern medicine environments give him the ability to look at an individual's struggles from all angles and often work in conjunction with other medical professionals as part of her clients' total wellness team.

He is also a published clinical researcher with a background in mental health and a true passion for human health and wellness.

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