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Shayna Tejada - VP and Chief Finance Officer

Shayna Tejada, B.B.A. 

Shayna Tejada is responsible for delivering financial services impacting the franchise system. This includes accounting, treasury, reporting, budgeting, and insurance management by operational requirements and organizational policies and strategies.

As the co-founder of Liquivida, Shayna spearheaded the company's initial strategic business and financial plans, overseeing the management of the company’s intellectual property and assets, including early-stage investment funds, and helping to turn the Liquivida concept into a profitable business model. With years of experience and a strong understanding of the components of the wellness spa industry, she has developed and implemented policies and procedures to improve performance and productivity. As the head of finance, Shayna touches on all aspects of the business to position the company for financial stability and success, defining the company’s strategic direction, preparing business plans, streamlining financial and procedural policies, and creating necessary monitoring and accountability systems.

She has over 10 years of experience in providing professional services across a broad range of finance areas including inventory, business process, and financial reporting. Before starting Liquivida, Shayna worked in a nationally recognized home renovation franchise brand as the accounting support for a franchise group. She worked closely with both the franchisee staff and corporate to better understand the needs of the location and the capabilities of the sales and inventory system to develop more efficient processes, along with more extensive reporting.   

Shayna holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration Management and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.