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Samael A. Tejada, President and Founder - Liquivida® 

Samael A. Tejada
State of Florida - PMD512711

At 19 years old, while preparing to become a firefighter and paramedic, Sam Tejada opened his first company, Rescue-101, and turned it into a sought out and authorized provider of CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard Training courses for the American Red Cross in South Florida.  

During his tenure as a Licensed Firefighter & Paramedic for the City of Oakland Park, he discovered the overarching health benefits of Nutrient IV Therapy. And through his association with Cenegenics- a global leader in age management medicine, he developed a keen interest in the alternative health options offered by holistic medicine. He attended countless seminars, and was mentored by Dr. Robert D. Willix, a board-certified cardiac surgeon who was widely recognized as a leader in preventive medicine, Sam’s two passions converged as he switched gears from helping people recover from being sick to helping prevent illness through natural preventive medicine. This shift culminated in the opening of the first Liquivida® in 2013, in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Word spread as Sam shared his vision of creating "a wellness center for the health-conscious" and Liquivida has since evolved into a multi-million-dollar company with franchise locations throughout the country including major markets such as South Florida, CT, NJ, TX and AZ.  

As the founder of Liquivida, Sam has achieved personal recognition as an entrepreneur and has emerged as a visionary leader on a mission to redefine health and wellness. He has been interviewed in many prestigious publications, including Forbes Magazine and Essence Magazine, appeared as a health and wellness expert on broadcast news segments such as Cheddar News (NYC),  WSFL-TV (South FL), KTLA-Weekend Morning Show (Los Angeles), and The Morning Blend Show (Las Vegas), and has been a guest speaker on numerous health, business and motivational podcasts, including Dave Meltzer and Tori Gordon. Sam’s new book, “How To Win In Modern Wellness,” is a collaborative effort with the top CEOs and leaders in the wellness industry, educating, enlightening and empowering medical professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and health-conscious consumers about the benefits of preventative therapies.

Sam’s unwavering focus on increasing awareness, growth, oversight and compliance in the IV Therapy industry has earned him recognition from the American IV Association, where, in January 2024, he was named Chairman of their newly appointed Leadership Advisory Board.  The Board will play a pivotal role in unifying, shaping and driving the industry forward safely, with a commitment to clinical excellence and quality improvement in the IV Hydration Therapy industry.  

Sam has also participated in different conferences of the Age Management Medicine Group - AMMG.

Implementing his vision alongside Sam is the LQV Management Team - a group of qualified executives who oversee the legal, marketing, public relations, and finance operations for Liquivida’s flagship stores and integrated locations.

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