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Micheal_ Graphic Designer - Liquivida®

Michael Otero

 Multicultural self-taught Artist with more than 15 years of experience in the graphic design industry always looking for how to share all the knowledge acquired through experience and studies. Always hungry for knowledge. His passion for art made him acquire his two bachelor's degrees in digital art. During the study process, he gained experience working for small print shops, customer service, and sales, among others.

Finishing each of his studies, he had the opportunity to work as a graphic designer, art department supervisor, and on political projects; State Election Commission, Caribbean Forms Manufacturers/Ramallo Bros and Puerto Rico Chamber of Marketing, Industry, and Distribution of Food, among others.

At the end of the redesign of the Ballot Papers for the 2012 Puerto Rico Elections, he decided to be part of Comic Conventions and to offer freelance services under the name Diseñamos, what he calls a Freelance Agency where he offers lots of different services in Graphic Arts including courses.

He moved from Puerto Rico to Florida after Hurricane Maria where he has been working as a Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Designer, Photographer, Video Editor, and Content Creator for different brands.

When he is not working he used to like to Sculpt, Paint, Draw, or read but now he just likes to cook, play video games, and watch films. He likes to plan where to travel next with his camera, family, or friends.

Michael Otero Díaz has an Associate Degree in Digital Graphic Design,
Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design for print and web media and Bachelor's Degree in Science of Animation 2D/3D for films and the web, among others.