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Jessica wright_ Vice president of perations-Liquivida®

Jessica Wright, MPH

Jessica comes with more than 10 years of healthcare administration experience, having worked in a myriad of health and wellness roles and settings. Her prominent work experience comes as Director of Operations of HealthGains, a distinguished player in hormone replacement therapy and sexual wellness programs. At HealthGains, she worked directly with the CEO, Mark White, to implement policies, systems, and revenue generation programs to help scale and move the business forward. The company has since been acquired by 10X Health Systems, a Grant Cardone company. 
Prior to joining LQV Management, Jessica served as Regional Director for Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, where she supervised store sales and operations. Her franchising experience will influence how new franchisees implement KPIs and proven growth strategies. Meanwhile, Rebeca Rivera will tag team with Jessica to provide specialized, day-to-day operational support to Store Managers. 

Jessica is an ambitious professional and is committed to our mission to help people feel younger, more energetic, and in control of their health. At Liquivida, you can expect Jessica to be very hands-on. She’s been tasked with elevating how we work together and serve our clients so we can continue to grow and become ultra-competitive. She will report directly to Sam Tejada, meaning that Human Resources, Project and Logistics, and Retail Operations team leaders will now report directly to Jessica for dedicated leadership and ongoing professional development. 

An alumna of Florida International University in Miami, Jessica obtained a Masters in Public Health with a Concentration in Health Policy and Management and a Bachelor's in Health Sciences. 

Jessica is family-oriented and has been married to Larry Wright for two years now.  She is a new mom to Olivia, a sweet, 15-month baby girl, and is expecting a newborn at some point in late spring.  They're excited about their journey together and are settled into their new home in Plantation, FL.