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Live to the max with the LIV-2-100® Membership!

The benefits of preventive healthcare treatments like IV Therapy have taken the world by storm. Whether you are seeking to improve athletic performance and recovery, boost your immune system, enhance your looks with a more youthful complexion, sharpen your focus, and hundreds of other reasons, the LIV-2-100 Membership Program will help you incorporate IV Therapy into your self-care routine.

LIV-2-100® helps you invest in your health right now, so you can continue your vida journey. 

Liquivida® LIV-2-100 Membership IV Discount

Save 30% on ALL Signature Drips!

That's right! Enjoy 30% OFF every signature IV drip offered at Liquivida®! LIV-2-100® members can find the right IV drip for their unique needs and achieve their wellness goals easily with these immense savings!

Liquivida® LIV-2-100 Membership Energizer IV

Free Energizer Drip Every Month!

As a bonus, with the Silver Membership, your Energizer IV comes in an upgraded 500 ml bag, which means 5 times more hydration! Plus, The Energizer drip features B-12 and B Complex vitamins to get you back in action!

Liquivida® LIV-2-100 Membership Add Ons

Unique IV Add-Ons for Your Unique Lifestyle!

As a LIV-2-100 Member, you can add additional IV Drip options to energize & hydrate your way for a fraction of the price! Choose from Vitamin C, Glutathione, Biotin, Ketorolac or Zofran. We'll surely guide you! 

* Doesn't apply for Energizer.


Liquivida Silver Membership
SILVER - $49/Month

Basic Facial
Energizer IV in 500 ml bag


  • 10% OFF Skinmedica or Supplements
  • 30% OFF Signature IV's
Liquivida Gold Membership
GOLD - $99/Month

Advanced Facial
Choice of 1: Natural Defense, Rise and Shine, or The Executive

  • 15% OFF Skinmedica or Supplements
  • 30% OFF Signature IV's
Liquivida Platinum Membership
PLATINUM - $179/Month

PRP Facial
Choice of 1: Fountain of Youth, Performance Hydration, or Liquilift®

  • 20% OFF  Skinmedica or Supplements
  • 10% OFF Neuromodulators (Xeomin, Dysport, and Botox)
  • 30% OFF Signature IV’s 


Check more of the LIV-2-100® Membership Benefits

Sticking to a preventative wellness routine is now easier than ever with LIV-2-100®.

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