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Liquivida Launches Telehealth Services

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(Fort Lauderdale, FL) – For the past few years, telehealth services have played an increasingly important role in the health care industry. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for remote health services increased as healthcare workers seek to deliver quality healthcare while minimizing exposure risk. Because of this growing need, Liquivida Lounge® has created a new avenue to continue to deliver quality healthcare and wellness services in a safe and convenient way to its clients.

Liquivida Telehealth® is an innovative wellness service based in Fort Lauderdale, FL that is designed to elevate telehealth services beyond simple phone consults, delivering comprehensive and personalized wellness and lifestyle services right to the clients’ phone. Every client using Liquivida’s telehealth services is paired with a healthcare professional who guides them through their health and wellness journey every step of the way, from consultations to medication to regular check-ins and progress monitoring.

Services currently provided by Liquivida Telehealth® include:

  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Sexual health services
  • Weight Loss

In addition, Liquivida Telehealth® works with affiliates and physicians across the country to offer vitamin IV therapy and concierge services to a wide range of communities. Vitamin IV therapy benefits people with a variety of healthcare needs, providing the nutrients they need to live healthy lifestyles. Combining this therapy with our concierge services allows Liquivida to bring quality health and wellness services directly into the homes of its clients when it’s most needed.

Technological innovation is at the heart of Liquivida Telehealth®. By combining technology and comprehensive healthcare, Liquivida Telehealth® seeks to make remote wellness services a normal part of the healthcare journey not only for clients with travel barriers, special needs, or chronic conditions, but for everyone who seeks to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Important Dates

  • Liquivida's telehealth services launches April 2021.

About LQV Management

LQV Management partners with franchise owners to offer an integrated and full-service medical franchise model to help people across America to replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through vitamin IV therapy, medical esthetics, and innovative weight loss solutions.

Franchises are operated by a respected network of medical professionals who believe that sustainable health and wellness can be achieved by knowing the body and caring for it through targeted nutrition and a combination of preventative and functional medicine.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company is known for creating a modern, spa-like environment, where people from all walks of life can relax the mind as they replenish the body to better manage the aging process and obtain a greater quality of life.

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